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Common tricks and unspoken rules for mattress promotions

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-15
Refurbishment: After the purchase of second-hand mattresses that have been dismantled and replaced in homestays, hotels, and rented houses, manual service is carried out to refurbish, and the price is low. Usually, some stores are technically specialized in this business. In fact, some of such mattresses have long been moldy. , The natural air oxidizes, collapses, the smelly, and many unclean things inside will be inside. The artificial service micro-solution is used for marketing activities. Discount after price increase: It is a digital game. For example, the original 1000 items are now priced at 2000, and then it is discounted at 50%. It is still 1000 yuan. Only many people play the discounted mobile games smarter, because they know some People love discounts. If you say: this item was sold for 1,000 before, now it is priced at 2,000 yuan, then it is 20% off, and then sold at 1,600, many people still feel lucky. In fact, it is not cost-effective and more expensive than the original, but the customer says Fancy this whole set. Returned goods solution: In the mattress sales market, there are many stores that have this problem. Accumulation of a lot of freight and logistics damaged goods, feeling goods, and minor discounts.
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