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Breakdown of mattress hardness level

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-14
The hardness level of the mattress is 1-10, but for you, the feeling of medium hardness may be difficult for others. Your body mass index (BMI), body sensitivity, your sleeping position, whether you run 'hot' during sleep, whether you sleep alone or with your partner are all important. Although firmness is related to your feeling of comfort, the manufacturers of hard-edged stretch mattresses will rate the products in a numerical range to help guide customers. The hardness of the mattresses ranges from extremely soft to extremely hard in this overall range: extremely soft: these are plush mattresses, which give a feeling of 'sinking'. Soft: These have a 'sinking' quality and are very soft. Middle: These middle mattresses are luxurious but have less 'sag'. Harder They are harder, have a limited degree of sag, and feel softer. Extremely firm: These are very hard, without fluff, sinking or softness.
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