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Are latex mattresses good? Should I buy latex or sponge?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-26

   There are basically two types of mattresses sold in the market, one is latex mattresses, the other is sponge mattresses, and a small number of businesses sell tatami mattresses. I won’t go into details here, let’s introduce the latex mattress first.

 Which is better latex or foam mattress

  One, latex is moderately hard and soft

  Because tatami mattresses are not soft enough, consumers want to buy soft and comfortable mattresses, so they are also asking about latex How about the mattress? Is it latex or sponge? In terms of the hardness of the mattress, latex mattresses are moderately firm, so you won't feel tired when you fall asleep.

  Second, sponge is easy to collapse

   Compared with latex mattresses, sponge mattresses tend to collapse for a long time. So for the latex mattresses proposed by consumers, whether to buy latex or sponge, there will naturally be an answer, or latex is better.

  3. Sponge has a burning sensation

   The reason why consumers who have used foam mattresses are asking whether latex mattresses are good is because they want to buy latex mattresses. Because the sponge bed sheets will bring a slight burning sensation to human skin when used in summer, which is very uncomfortable.

   Fourth, the sponge is sultry

   Using a sponge mattress in summer will make people feel stuffy and airtight. In particular, we have purchased a very thick sponge, which will happen even more during use. So after understanding the question of how latex mattresses are, many people will buy latex mattresses. Related reading: How thick and suitable latex mattresses are?

  5. Latex has good thermal insulation effect

   The sales volume of latex mattresses on the market is very high now, because many people are learning about latex mattresses. Okay, after this problem, I found the advantages of latex mattresses, so I would spend money to buy latex mattresses, because it has better thermal insulation effect and is warm in winter.

  6. Latex oxidation rate is slow

  The oxidation rate of sponge is relatively fast, and the more it is pressed, the thinner it becomes. The latex mattress has the function of slow rebound memory. So although I don’t know if latex mattresses are good, people will find that latex mattresses oxidize more slowly and have a long service life after using them.

   Seven. Latex is not easy to break

   Compared with foam mattresses, we will find that latex mattresses are not easy to break. That is to say, the effect of use is better, and it is not prone to damage or slag. People will buy latex mattresses after they understand the question of how about latex mattresses.

   Now many consumers will discuss whether to buy a latex mattress, whether to buy a foam mattress or a latex mattress. In the end, people found that it was more appropriate to buy latex mattresses. Therefore, the sales of latex mattresses are getting higher and higher, and finally become the main material sold in the mattress market. Therefore, when buying mattresses, it is best to choose latex materials.

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