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Are latex mattresses expensive? How to choose a latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-17

   Now everyone knows that latex mattresses are good to sleep, and they want to buy latex mattresses all the time, but they haven’t started, because they don’t know the price of latex mattresses.

   In fact, you can find out the price of latex mattress by checking it on Taobao, but there may be some disparity between the price in the physical store and the online price. It is not difficult to find that the price of latex mattress The price is expensive. Latex mattresses are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. The cheap latex mattresses that everyone sees should be made of synthetic latex. The material of synthetic latex is not good, it has a pungent smell, and it doesn’t feel very good to the touch. Comfortable. Although there are many synthetic latex products on the market, you can still distinguish them if you want to distinguish them carefully. The raw material of natural latex is rubber tree sap. A rubber tree can extract 30cc of rubber tree sap a day, and a latex product can be produced in about a day and a half, so the production process is complicated and time-consuming, and latex is called soft gold, and the raw material is precious. , So the price of latex mattresses is so expensive. If you have a need to buy latex mattresses, the editor recommends a brand to everyone, that is mousse. Mousse’s mattress is among the top ten in the mattress list, and the price of the mattress is quite cost-effective among similar brands. High. Related reading: The price of latex mattresses

Since its establishment in 2004,    Mousse has been committed to household products. In recent years, it has also made small achievements in the household product industry, so Mouss The mattress is a well-known and trustworthy product. For example, Mousse’s latex mattress is filled with independent cylindrical springs, which are quiet and comfortable, with moderate hardness. Each spring operates independently and does not interfere with each other. It will never make a noise when you turn over at night and affect your sleep. The surface is made of 360-degree latex material with high resilience, which can effectively support each part of the body, and the high resilience can effectively fit the curve of the human body and release the pressure of a day. The honeycomb on the surface of the material is breathable and has good air permeability. The 10 cm thick sponge can absorb sound and reduce noise, avoid collapse and deformation of the edge, and increase the use area of u200bu200bthe mattress to a certain extent. The key is that the price of this latex mattress is relatively cheap, about five thousand. The mattress is a durable product and has a general service life of more than ten years. Therefore, if the price is evenly spread over each year, it is really cost-effective. And because the mattress is not easy to clean, the latex mattress is made of natural latex, which has its own antibacterial properties. The Mousse brand also provides every consumer with a regular de-mite service every year, which is very considerate.

   The above is the editor's share on the price of latex mattresses. You can find out.

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