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Are latex gel mattresses good for people with protruding lumbar discs?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-28

   Now many friends suffer from lumbar disc herniation. There are more and more patients like this. Because many people suffer from lumbar spine injuries due to incorrect sitting posture during office work, people are also very concerned when buying mattresses. Pay attention to the health of the lumbar spine. During this process, many people want to buy latex gel mattresses, but many consumers do not know whether this kind of mattress will be good for lumbar disc herniation.

  1. It has the effect of lifting the lumbar spine

   In fact, through trying to use, we will find that the latex gel mattress has a lifting effect on the lumbar spine. This kind of mattress is similar to ordinary The mattress is different. It has good support. After the human body sleeps, it can perfectly fit the curve of the human body. During use, there will be no excessive collapse due to pressure. This will not Health problems affecting people's lumbar spine.

  Second. Prevent bone deformation

   Inferior or unsuitable mattresses will cause bone deformation. This is not an exaggeration, so now many consumers have adopted it. After understanding, I found that the latex gel mattress has good support for bones and can effectively prevent bone deformation. It is used with patients with lumbar disc herniation, because when people are lying on the mattress, the mattress can produce damage to the lumbar spine. Supporting force. Recommended reading: What is the price of a latex mattress

  3. It conforms to the human body curve

   Because the human body has a certain curve, all parts of our body They are all curved. If we sleep on a hard flat bed, it will cause us to feel very tired during sleep, and the waist and legs cannot get a good rest. However, in contrast, latex gel beds The cushion is more comfortable to use because it conforms to the curve of the human body. Related reading: The thickness of the mattress is generally better.

   Fourth, repair the misplaced bone

  Patients with lumbar disc herniation are caused by the misalignment of the bones, so use latex gel mattresses , The mattress can play a certain role in repairing dislocation bones by supporting the lumbar spine. Therefore, for patients with lumbar disc herniation or patients with other bone diseases, it is very important to choose a good latex mattress, because Such mattresses even directly affect their bone health.

  5. Massage the meridians of the whole body

   We choose a better latex gel mattress. The support of the mattress and the massage points on the surface can be matched during use. The meridian of the whole body has a certain massage effect and massage effect, so whether it is for people with lumbar disc herniation or for healthy consumers, using this kind of mattress can effectively massage the meridians of the whole body and make people circulate blood. better.

   In summary, we know that latex gel mattress has a good health care effect for patients with lumbar disc herniation. It has a lifting effect on the lumbar spine and can effectively prevent bone deformation. Because its design conforms to the curve of the human body, long-term use can repair misplaced bones.

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