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Virginia Lee Warren
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What home do you use more than anyone else in a continuous period of time?
This is a mattress unless you are a dreamer, hammock lover, or really have insomnia.
You\'re going to buy one now.
If not now, sometimes there will be a new mattress for everyone\'s future, as the one used now will not last forever.
Of course, you want your new one to be as perfect as yours, just as you make it special.
Well, the best thing to understand from the beginning is that it\'s not like buying a table, a chair or a dresser. Mattresses—
Because the things that make them work are hidden in those beautiful, innocent ticks (
Probably quilting)—
It can be tricky indeed. Even if.
In the store, a sample is cut off a corner so that the customer can stare inside.
The interior of the mattress is not much easier to understand for most of us than the interior of the stereo receiver.
Nevertheless, it is a good idea to study those exposed springs, buffers or insulators and liners.
This will make the salesperson think you know something about these things, and you might ask, \"which one do you think is more stand-up, the nortden coil or the free end coil structure?
If the answer is, \"We find this end type the most satisfactory.
Then you will know what you are looking.
In fact, unknotted or free end coils are not common.
The third type of advertising
Pocket coil structure-
Each coil is packed in its own small cloth pocket.
But before we dive into the complex business of springs
They almost decided what kind of mattress you would end up.
Let\'s exclude some preliminary considerations.
Is it to cover the purchase of what the manufacturer calls a sleep device?
Is the base of mattress and box spring-
Or just a mattress?
The National Association of bed linen manufacturers naturally wants you to buy one and urge you through a booklet: \"Your old foundation is not a friend for your new mattress.
Without a matching base of the same quality, your mattress will not be able to provide the service you pay for, in fact, it may have a shorter life span.
\"The store would rather sell you sleep equipment.
But in some cases, the new foundation is not mandatory and may not even be appropriate.
Maybe the mattress you are still perfect is suddenly damaged and the foundation is still intact.
In this case, it is important that the size of the new mattress is exactly the same as the base you will be wearing so that it can rest comfortably as you wish.
Usually, a separate mattress will be half the price of the set and you should be able to get a good double size mattress from $80 to $125, buy a full or from $115 to $155.
When sold, the price will be much lower, about 30%.
If you\'re going to spend a lot of money on a mattress, maybe you \'d better buy one.
Then the two parts can grow old together.
Maybe you want to put the mattress on a platform, for example, a wooden mattress with drawers, which can provide excellent storage space.
A lot of people are turning to the platform, and if that\'s what you think, you might be interested to know that the consumer reports that the effect will be better if the mattress is foam.
In any case, he only considers the mattress here.
One of them is more error-prone than the box spring.
For the latter, you do not have to consider the company, additional company, Super company or consistency (
How well the shape of the mattress fits with your body).
Also, the handle does not matter and you do not have to notice if it is reversible;
You are unlikely to turn the box spring over.
However, it is better for the advertising mattress to have a handle, otherwise you will have to fight it every time you turn it.
If the tick is quilting, this should be the case on both sides;
If not, then there is no real reversible;
The quilting allows some air to flow while the side without quilting is not comfortable to sleep on.
What size do you want?
If it sounds like a pointless problem because you already have a bed, you should know that it can be enlarged with cheap stretcher tracks. (
Your mattress dealer should have. )
So should the new mattress be a regular 35-by-75-inch double mattress or a double mattress 5 inch long?
Or for full or double beds measuring 53 by 80 instead of the usual 53 by 75?
However, according to the National Association of bedding manufacturers, the Queen is \"rapidly becoming the standard for American families.
\"If you want to have more space on the bed, the king size bed will give you 80 inch of 76 or 77 unless you buy it in California;
There, 84, 72.
But the Queen or King may ask for a new bed frame, which has more legs and cross support, and neither will really be happy unless it can be on two bases.
It\'s easy to make money.
The next thing to decide is whether you want the inner spring model or the foam.
If you want to be different, buy a bubble.
Only about 10% of mattress buyers will do so.
This may be because people are used to the feeling of spring mattresses.
Flexible, quite firm and consistent, with a firm impression.
But Consumer Reports found that these two types of foam, latex (or carbamate)
In general, polyurethane is more in line with the requirements than the inner spring.
Most of the foam devices tested have gone through the hard test of \"comfortable quality in good condition\", while on the other hand, \"the internal spring device has proved to be more variable;
As a group, they show greater firmness loss and greater tendency to depression or dimples.
These two kinds of foam have their own features.
Some people think that the latex mattress is too eager to restore its shape;
Move a little and they are there waiting to push up again.
Latex is also more expensive than the inner spring and a little more expensive than polyurethane.
Advertising polyurethane-
It is usually cheaper than the inner spring, and it is usually stronger --
Recovery is slower than latex, and while you may have the feeling of sinking into the mattress when you are lying on it, the overall feeling is luxurious.
The thicker the foam, the higher the price, the thickness is usually related to durability.
But we cannot make any provision for this.
Some of the most durable mattresses rated in the consumer report are only 5-inch cores;
The highest core is 7.
No matter how high the foam is, it should be fixed on the tick.
The thickness of the core body is compared with the overall thickness;
There may be an inch or so difference, but don\'t. worry;
It may include topper pads and extra padding that helps to be comfortable.
And must pay attention to the overall thickness;
You don\'t want to find out that you don\'t have your fitted sheets on your new mattress.
Oh, pay attention to whether the foam fragments are written on the label;
It\'s better not to spend money on it.
It\'s far less durable or satisfying than a solid foam, and it\'s worn out evenly and Anna bumps.
If the inside spring mattress is selected, then, the top and bottom edges are defined and reinforced by steel wire or flat steel bars, so that you can sit on the edge of the bed and there will be no dents.
Now, let\'s go back to those very important Springs.
Remember these three?
The consumer report found that the traditional end-to-end coil structure has a wide range of performance.
Two other types
Pocket coil and free end coil-
Perform more evenly and well.
The standards for these three industries are steel 13.
In general, there are five loops per coil, and the twin mattress should have at least 216 coils;
Full, or double, should be at least 312.
However, in order to show you this series: Eclipse sleep products, its mattress is one of the mattresses used by Sheraton hotel chain, which makes a product called spine massage Deluxe, the size of this product is 396 coils of No. 15 steel, with 5 loops per coil. (
The price is $119. 95: the S.
The Greenstein furniture store located at 26 A Avenue is available. )
If you are still standing there and studying a section, the other things you see are the insulator and the liner.
The former is to prevent the spring from sticking into the latter, and should be fixed to the top and bottom of the spring unit, or, better yet, folded on the edge of the spring unit.
Then the padding, usually cotton wool, but sometimes foam, should be at least 1 inch thick.
After that, the entire business was closed except for the ticking.
Most mattresses relax a bit in time, but not always. Some—
For example, Sealy Posturepedic Imperial gentle company, thera-pedic Medical oil luxury triple edge and Ward style luxury house luxury company --
Actually become more firm.
Consumer Reports suggest that this may indicate that \"the quality of the spring is quite high\" or \"compaction of the liner \".
Now, after studying these components
It is always possible that your dealer does not have sample cuts
You are ready for the final toughest decision: which mattress is formal (or softness)suits you best.
The only way to get close to getting what you want is to stretch on a variety of mattresses.
The National Association of bedridden manufacturers says instead of lying there, instead \"roll a little to the center to see if there is depression and see how it supports you.
The association believes that if two people are going to use a mattress then they should try it together.
A version of this file was printed on page 60 of the New York edition on February 16, 1977, with the title: About the mattress.
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