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Your Guide to Buying a Mattress Online

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-15
Anyone who has visited the mattress showroom knows that there are a variety of dazzling options: plush or sturdy, memory foam or inner spring, platform bed or box spring.
There are different models of mattresses in each store, so Appleto-
The comparison of apples is almost impossible.
When you calculate the final cost-
Includes accessories such as delivery and installation, box spring and bed frame, bed pad cover and removal of old mattress-
It can easily reach thousands of dollars.
It\'s enough to keep the budget-
Conscious Consumption at night.
Some online startups and other retailers are trying to change the way we shop for zzzz. Casper.
Com, for example, sells a mattress (
The price of a pair of twins starts at $500)
Free shipping to USAS.
And Canada, and 100-night trial.
If you are not satisfied with the mattress for the first 100 nights, Casper will pick up the mattress at your convenience and refund your money. (
Lead Executive Officer and cooperation in accordance with local regulations, donation or recycling of excess mattresses
Founder Philip Klean)
Tuft & Needle, another online retailer, offers 30-night trial.
\"Lying in bed for 30 seconds or a minute doesn\'t tell you much about the mattress,\" Krim said . \".
\"You can avoid these online.
\"Casper has mattress showrooms in New York and Los Angeles, but Krim says most customers buy invisible mattresses.
Tuft & Needle has its own showroom in Phoenix.
Experts urge consumers to take a break and test the mattress before buying it, which unfortunately is not available to all online retailers.
\"It\'s not just an investment in home furniture, it\'s also an investment in health,\" said Mary Helen ushimaki, vice president of marketing and communications for the sleep improvement committee, the consumer education department of the International Sleep Products Association.
\"We advise consumers to lie down and lie in bed.
Your preferences are different from your physical needs.
The mattress that suits you will not be the one that suits me.
It\'s a big investment and if you buy it wrong, it\'s not like a pair of pants that are a bit tight.
\"Medical professionals agree that the mattress is not onesize-fits-All proposals
\"There is little scientific evidence that one mattress is better than the other,\" says Ilene Rosen . \" Associate professor of clinical medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the American Sleep medical association of board members.
\"The best mattress for you is the one that helps you achieve uninterrupted sleep for 7 to 9 hours.
\"It is especially challenging for couples to choose the right mattress.
Rosen said: \"What I recommend to patients whose needs or comfort are different from bed mates is to try a bed with a personal double choice ---
Comfortable beds can be customized for everyone ---
Or push two single beds that meet the individual needs of each bed friend together.
\"In addition to giving you the opportunity to test the mattress before you buy it, brick-and-
The mortar store also gives you the opportunity to negotiate prices, something you can\'t easily do online.
\"If you buy from a showroom, there is usually more room for bargaining than you buy online,\" said Nick Robinson, editor and publisher of sleeping like a dead man, A separate sleep product review site.
However, he added that many online retailers offer more competitive prices, so you can still take the lead without bargaining.
Before you buy a mattress online, here are some tips.
Read online reviews.
Krim encourages consumers to read online reviews before buying mattresses online.
\"This is one of the wonderful things about the transparency that the Internet provides,\" he said . \".
Comments should not be the only factor consumers are considering, Robinson added, but looking at the overall rating can give you a barometer.
In addition to the top star rating, look for reviews that meet your needs.
\"When reading customer reviews, be sure to look for a mattress description that suits your preferences,\" Rosen said . \".
\"Determine which attributes are important to you ---
Strong, soft, etc. --
Find a mattress that will meet your needs
\"Go beyond the retailer\'s website.
Before purchasing, check the retailer\'s Facebook page and Twitter feed to see if they are registered with a better business bureau.
Some consumer complaints are not necessarily deals. breaker --
After all, some consumers just complain for a long time-
But pay attention to how and whether retailers respond.
Is it trying to solve the problem quickly?
Or does it delete or ignore negative comments?
Social media is \"a very powerful transparent lens that is not in place for many traditional stores,\" Robinson said.
\"Check the return policy.
No matter how you buy a mattress or where you buy it, it\'s important to check the retailer\'s return policy because even a mattress that\'s already rested --
Testing in the store can make your sleep uncomfortable all night.
\"Some people will ask you to bring the mattress to your local UPS outlet while others will arrange someone to pick it up,\" Robinson said . \".
Also, check if you will get a full refund or if any fees will be deducted from the fees you pay.
\"How is it handled? \"Asked Uusimaki.
\"Do you want to charge?
May I ask for the purchase fee?
\"Decide what to do with your existing mattress.
Many municipalities do not use bulky items such as mattresses as part of regular garbage collection, so you may need to arrange donations or disposal if you do not keep old mattresses.
Your mattress retailer may take your old mattress for you, but it is usually charged.
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