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Why your mattress is more important than you think

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-11
We all know how good we feel after a good night\'s sleep.
From improving our emotions and attention to enhancing memory and motor performance, science has proven that refreshing and resting after waking up is good for us in many ways.
According to the study by the sleep committee, creating a regular and relaxed sleeping environment before going to bed helps encourage peaceful nights, and four of us five believe that a good mattress is critical to the quality of our sleep.
So, if you want to invest in a new mattress, you\'ll want to make sure you understand the key features you\'re looking for to help you choose the right one.
The goal of Leesa is to help everyone get better sleep and simplify the process of purchasing a mattress.
The company focuses on creating a mattress that is designed to suit all body types, sleep styles and hardness preferences, calling it a \"general adaptive feel \".
The Leesa mattress was designed and developed by co-designed and awarded the standard best champion in the evening
Founder JamieDiamonstein has more than 30 years of experience in the mattress industry.
The unique design provides a universal adaptive feel, which means that it adapts to your body whether you are a front, back or side sleeper.
In practice, it feels likeso-
Sink into the mattress a little-and then revel in realizing that any stress your body is under seems to have gone away.
Three layers of precision-
Thanks to Leesa for the luxury feel of the engineering bubble.
The 15 cm base is the thickest and simplest, providing the moderate firmness and support many of us look for on our mattresses.
On top of it, 5 cm of the memory foam layer reduces the pressure on the sleeper, and in addition, 5 cm of the latex-
Like Avena foam with groove base, air flow cooling and bounce are provided.
You may have heard of memory foam-many of us sleep on it-but how does it actually work?
Memory foam used in Leesa and other high-
Premium foam mattress is a type of foam called sticky-polyurethane foam
Elastic foam consisting of billions of spherical batteries.
These cells change under the weight of your body, creating a unique mixture of comfort and support that makes memory foam special.
The difference between memory foam mattress and pocket spring mattress is sensitivity.
With a memory bubble, you can get billions of body adaptation points;
With the best pocket spring mattress you will get thousands of sheets and the difference in responsiveness is obvious.
Avena foam is a responsive foam material that plays a key role in absorbing motion transfer, providing a responsive feel, and adjusting temperature with its innovative airflow system so you don\'t overheat at night
The mattress cover is a fabric used to close the foam parts of the mattress, and like most other foam mattresses, the lid of the Leesa is not used for disassembly.
Although you won\'t see a lot of mattresses when your bed is made, it\'s exciting to find a beautiful one --
Even if only occasionally, look at the mattress in bed.
And, if you are a sensitive sleeper, you can detect the feeling of the mattress through your sheets.
The Leesa is very soft with a slight diagonal groove.
Leesa is also a company that likes to give back.
For every 10 sold, it donated a mattress to charity to help support charities that address homelessness and help support victims of human trafficking.
So far, it has donated more than 30,000 mattresses.
Leesa also worked with the Arbour Foundation to grow a tree for each mattress sold and promised to grow 1,000,000 trees by 2025.
The price starts at £ 450 and by visiting their website, atLeesa, personally explores the reasons why Leesa is different. co. uk.
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