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Why Choose Eco Memory Foam?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-17
Memory foam, originally developed on NASA aircraft in the 1960s s for severe comfort cushioning, has now become a favorite pillow and mattress for consumers.
Although it is very comfortable (
It is even used in hospitals to prevent pressure sore)
Non-environmental memory foamfriendly.
In fact, this chemical
Based on the buffer is not the type of product you want to consume-
The third one in your life.
So, why is the memory bubble so terrible, what are the benefits of choosing an ecological memory bubble?
If environmental and health issues are not a problem, it is theoretically a good idea for a chemical foam memory foam.
The problem is that these mattresses are made of polyurethane, a synthetic plastic extracted from crude oil.
A considerable amount of chemicals are used to make polyurethane foam.
The final product is used for furniture, car seats, home insulation, foam mattresses and other items.
Very useful, but unfortunately, products like memory foam mattresses require not only inefficient energy in the manufacturing process to produce chemicals and introduce them into the environment, but they also release toxins such as volatile organic compounds. VOC’s).
Toxic chemicals including methyl ketone and acetone (
Can affect fertility and reproductive health, have an impact on the brain and nervous system, and are related to organ systemic toxicity)
And methane (
Related to organ systemic toxicity)
In synthetic memory foam, why are you exposed to the bed every night?
Of course, in small doses, nothing may happen, even in a lifetime, if you sleep when exposed to chemicals, you will not be seriously affected, but for potential
Long-term impact
Long-term exposure, why not play safely through natural and toxinfree.
This is not only good for the Earth, the Earth will not be exposed to toxins in the manufacturing and processing of memory foam mattresses, but it is good for you and your family.
What are the ecological choices?
Friendly memory foam?
While there are \"better\" products on the market than synthetic memory foam, which contain a small amount of natural materials to replace petrochemical products, these mattresses are actually not so eco-friendlyfriendly.
They still contain chemicals, but not so much.
Essentia is the manufacturer of real natural memory foam.
Their mattresses are functionally similar to synthetic memory foam but are made from latex, essential oils and other plants
Derivative components.
These beds are also durable, breathable and biodegradable.
Another option is to buy a latex mattress.
LaTeX is a natural and sustainable product that comes from rubber sap.
Comfortable, long latex mattress
Lasting and not at alltoxic (
As long as they are not finished with chemicals).
Like memory foam, latex fits your weight and is very comfortable.
Natural care and life care are two manufacturers of ecological care
Friendly latex mattress.
Memory foam may be great.
The ecological memory bubble is great.
If you want a natural, ecological
Friendly sleep and pay attention to the negative effects of chemicals
Environment-based products then look at these green options when looking for new beds in the market.
Reference \"40-Year-
The old foam has new benefits. \" (NASA Spinoff)
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