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Why a custom mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-09
Scientists from the Sleep Research Laboratory: A good mattress should allow all parts of your body to be evenly stressed when you are lying down, and can support and fit your body, so that the spine and blood vessels are not subject to any compression. A healthy and good mattress in line with scientific principles. So next, I will give you a detailed explanation of why you want to customize the mattress. What kind of people need customized mattresses more? 1. People with sleep disorders often toss and fail to fall asleep; 2. Light sleepers often wake up as long as there is a little interference, and it is difficult to fall asleep again; 3. People who snore during sleep, this is typical The phenomenon of periodic precipitation sleep, snoring is not formed in one day or two days. The main reason is that the body’s partial balance is not enough during sleep, and breathing is blocked. When the airflow enters the throat, it stimulates the throat polyp and rubs it, resulting in sound. The more developed the stimulation, the louder the snoring sound. People in this sleep state have to balance their body during sleep, breathe smoothly, reduce the stimulation of the airflow to the throat polyps, and make the throat polyps slowly degenerate; 4. Tired after waking up People in this state of sleep are typically affected by the elastic value and cushioning value of the mattress. During sleep, the body and the mattress are unreasonably stressed, and there will be excessive stress on some parts to form pressure, and blood circulation will be blocked. Poor blood, leading to blood hypoxia, so after waking up, lethargy, exhausted, low mood or even irritable temperament, people who have been in this state of sleep for a long time will cause serious memory decline, and decline before old age; 5. Children's sleep Horror, teeth grinding, punching and kicking, and even sleep awakening are frequent. Occasional occurrences of this phenomenon in the development of children are normal, but frequent occurrences are abnormal. If this phenomenon occurs for a long time in sleep, it will lead to decreased immunity and poor learning Concentration, poor memory, even laziness, and poor temper can cause children to have an inexplicable hunchback, deformed bones, and poor development. Customized mattress meaning: 1. Mattress is an item between the human body and the bed used to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are many kinds of mattress materials, and mattresses made of different materials can give people. Bring different sleep effects. 2. What is sleep? Sleep is a frustrated demand that the human body needs. We are conscious at work. When we are tired, sleepy, and exhausted, the body will tell us that we need to rest, and we need a good rest. This kind of good rest is sleep, which is the so-called quality of sleep. If you want a good quality of sleep, you need a more suitable and matching mattress for so long. In fact, there are still many factors to consider when making a mattress. Many people think that the mattress is comfortable when lying down. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. Comfort is only a basic condition. Comfort does not mean that it is suitable for you, but it is suitable for you. It must be very comfortable. Which brand of mattress is good? Of course choose the Suiforlun mattress. Foshan Weicheng Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. is a mattress manufacturer in Foshan, specializing in the production of mattresses and hotel mattresses. Our company has a professional design and development team and a professional mattress production team.
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