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Which one is stronger, traditional spring mattress or pure natural latex mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-20
The two overlords in the mattress industry today are traditional spring mattresses and pure natural latex mattresses, both of which have a very large user base. So what are the characteristics of each of these two mattresses? Mattress manufacturers will compare the materials and comfort to let everyone know more about these two mattresses. Are traditional spring mattresses better or latex mattresses stronger? 1. Comfortability Compared with pure natural latex mattresses, traditional spring mattresses are slightly inferior. Pure natural latex mattresses have ultra-high elasticity and very good support. It is suitable for different people's body types and weights, supports people's gravity evenly, can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers, and relieves the sleeping position. The mistake caused by the back pain and difficulty in falling asleep. The traditional spring mattress feels soft and comfortable, and the human body has better resilience when lying on the mattress. It is a soft and hard mattress. 2. Material comparison Common mattress springs mainly include: connecting type, independent tube, honeycomb spring, first-line steel, high support independent tube, etc. These types of mattress springs come from the advantages and disadvantages of support and comfort. In other words, the independent tube and honeycomb independent tube mattress springs are relatively good, have good support performance, and have a better mute function. The main role of traditional spring mattresses is the internal mattress spring. The quality of the mattress spring material directly affects the comfort of the mattress. The mattress made of this natural green material is more environmentally friendly than the spring mattress. The latex mattress also has the effect of isolating noise, and turning over frequently will not affect the quality of sleep. The material of pure natural latex mattress is derived from rubber tree sap, and it is plasticized with its unique mold to make latex mattress.
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