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Which mattress is good and how to choose the right mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-27
Which mattress is better? If you have low back pain, your doctor will suggest: Sleep hard! So some people go home to pack their mattresses, put a thin sheet on the bed and go to sleep. We also often hear the admonition that 'sleeping on a hard bed is healthierSleeping on a hard bed is not a bed plank! The normal physiological structure of the human spine will produce an S-shaped physiological curve from the side. A bed that sleeps too hard does not conform to the normal curve of the human spine, and the waist cannot be supported. For a long time, it will aggravate symptoms such as strain, waist and low back pain. A bed that is too hard has an undue influence on the bones and joints of the body. Sleeping on a bed that is too hard, only the head, back, buttocks and heels can bear the pressure. The spine is in a state of stiffness and tension. It needs to support the waist muscles and cannot achieve the relaxation effect that it should have during sleep. So, don't let the 'hard bed' harm your health anymore! Is the softer the bed, the better? Do not! Do not! Do not! If you lie on a bed that is too soft, your spine will bend and your back pain will be short-term. In the long run, this will cause the middle part of the body to sink, relax the upper muscles of the body, and tighten the lower muscles, resulting in damage to the psoas muscles and bones, and bending or twisting of the spine! Sleeping on a soft bed for a long time in the growth and development period will affect the development of the spine, leading to hunchback and bending of the spine! Therefore, many doctors suggest not to sleep on a hardboard bed directly, but to lay a 3 ~ 5 cm cushion on the bed. In other words, the top is softer, and the bottom is a hardwood bed. Only in this way can it conform to the normal curve of the human spine. How to choose a soft and suitable mattress? Choose according to your body shape and weight: Under normal circumstances, most people are suitable for medium-hard mattresses, that is, mattresses with appropriate softness and hardness. People weighing between 60 kg and 70 kg are suitable for choosing a slightly 'hard' bed. For those who weigh more than 80 kg, they should choose a 'hardened' mattress. Tips: When choosing a mattress, lie flat first, stretch in the three large bends from the neck, waist, buttocks to the thighs, and see if there are any gaps. Turn your body to the side again, and use the same method to test whether there is a gap between the concave part of your body and the mattress. Otherwise, it can be proved that the mattress conforms to the natural curves of the neck, back, waist, buttocks and legs when sleeping. This kind of mattress is moderately firm.
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