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Which mattress factory direct sales is better

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-28
Buying a mattress is indeed a very energy-consuming task, and the brands are multi-samples and complex. In the companies that directly sell mattress manufacturers, there are many types depending on the material of the mattress, such as spring mattresses, palm mattresses, foam mattresses, 3D high-tech material mattresses, latex mattresses, ordinary cotton or silk cotton Mattresses, composite mattresses. The following mainly introduces the characteristics and benefits of different spring mattresses: spring mattresses are mainly supported by different types of springs, coupled with some filling fabrics; there are also many types of filling materials for mattresses. , Mainly including environmentally friendly cotton, latex, coconut palm, memory foam, sponge, etc.; for these two main city parts, even if the same material quality is different, so we must pay attention to the choice of spring mattress manufacturers in Foshan The quality of the manufacturer and the selected brand. Brands currently sold in China can be roughly divided into three categories: one is international brands, and the advertising effects of this type of brand are obvious. The softness and hardness tested by professional organizations are too soft. It is not recommended for friends to sleep too much on this kind of softer mattress. It makes people's lumbar spine sink and bend, and it is prone to deformation and displacement. The second category is domestic furniture brands. The advantage is that there are many styles, and the streets are full of advertisements, but the consequence of doing too many things is that the technology is not sophisticated. The third category is professional mattress brands. This type of mattress has a relatively high evaluation in the industry. The mattress products are very delicate and the internal testing is very strict. The disadvantage is that there are fewer people who know it, and the product line is relatively single. The main brands are American Teleca and British Dunlop. u200d
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