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What types of spring mattresses are commonly used

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-21
Spring mattresses are generally warm in winter, cool in summer, and easy to clean. The technology is quite mature, and it is easy to clean, and it is currently mature. It has good permeability and resistance to punching, and is cost-effective. Nowadays, there are also different Types are available for different groups of people. Type of spring mattress: Hard mattress manufacturer introduces the connection type: all individual springs are connected in series with spiral iron wire to form a 'community of force'. Although slightly elastic, the spring system is not completely ergonomic. The whole body is moved by pulling it, and when one place is compressed, the nearby springs will pull each other. The springs have poor elasticity and durability and are prone to collapse. Long-term sleep and lying will have a negative impact on the spine. Bag independent type: that is, each independent individual spring is pressed and then filled into the bag, and then connected and arranged. Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can stretch independently. Therefore, when two objects are placed on the bed at the same time, one side will rotate and the other side will not be disturbed. However, after long-term use, the independent spring will gradually lose its elasticity. Linear upright type: It is formed by a continuous strand of stainless steel wire, formed from the beginning to the end. Its advantage is that it adopts a whole non-disruptive structure spring, which follows the natural curve of the human spine, and supports it appropriately and evenly. In addition, this spring structure is not easy to produce elastic fatigue. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce the linear monolithic type: a continuous strand of stainless steel line, from automatic precision machinery to mechanical structure, integrally formed. According to the principle of human mechanics, the springs are arranged into a triangular structure, and the weight and pressure to be borne are made into a pyramid-shaped support, and the force is distributed to the periphery to ensure that the elasticity of the spring is always as new. The advantage is that the mattress has moderate hardness and has a human body. The engineering effect can provide comfortable sleep and protect the health of the human spine.
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