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What standards does a good mattress need to meet

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-03
A comfortable mattress can eliminate the fatigue of the day, relax the mood, and bring us into dreams. It is an important factor affecting the quality of sleep. However, a good mattress must have certain standards so that more people can know what Applaud, what is bad. Good mattress standards: 1. Hard mattress manufacturers point out the structure. A good mattress should not only have enough supporting structure to provide strong support for the human body, but also a soft contact structure to evenly distribute the pressure. Simply put, it must be 'rigid and flexible'. 2. Material. At present, there are many kinds of main materials of mattresses. Before we expand on the purchase strategy of all kinds of mattresses in detail, we only list the common qualities that a good mattress should have, that is, health and environmental protection, with very few volatiles. Rugged and durable, it can maintain a stable state for a long time. 3. Good mattress standard: workmanship. We can’t just make the right choice based on the appearance of a mattress, but looking at the appearance of a mattress allows us to eliminate poor products, because a mattress that looks exquisite may not be good, but A mattress that looks rough is definitely bad. 4. Every mattress must have air permeability, because the human skin is a respiratory system and an excretion system. Only with good air permeability can the microenvironment of your sleep have an environment that adapts to the humidity and temperature of the human body. There is a quietness, and the body needs a relatively quiet environment when sleeping. 5. Hard mattress manufacturers point out that the mattress must be clean and safe, the materials used must not have any harmful substances, and must not release harmful gases to the human body. At the same time, the mattress must be treated with anti-mite.
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