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What should the mattress manufacturer tell you to prevent your child from hunching?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-14
Mattress manufacturers tell you what to do to prevent children from humping. According to Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattresses, many teenagers and children’s mattresses currently on the market are only reduced versions of adult mattress sizes, and they are not really tailor-made for children. The mat ignores the characteristics of the growth and development of adolescents. However, with the growing group of young parents, they pay more attention to the health of their children, and the sales of mattresses specially designed for teenagers are showing a rising trend and become a huge market pie. The salesperson said that professional teenager mattresses can be designed according to the seven-zone distribution of children's 'head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs, and calvesDesign different product structures, and through the conversion and adjustment of the internal material structure density distribution and usage methods, so as to achieve a mattress that can be reused by people aged 0-18, and can prevent spinal deformation and change the bad sleep of teenagers. Habits, so the price is twice as expensive as an ordinary adult mattress, and the general price is more than 10,000 yuan.   The quality of sleep not only plays a pivotal role in the physical health of teenagers and children, but also directly affects their growth and development. More and more parents are beginning to pay attention to the purchase of children’s bedding. Recently, Xinmeng Sleeping Mattress has discovered that there are more and more mattress products developed for teenagers, and various concepts are emerging one after another. Some foreign professional teenager mattress brands have also entered large furniture stores. Although latex mattresses are designed according to ergonomic principles, they are divided into nine regions according to the bone structure of the human body and the gravity of each region of the human body. They are: head, neck, shoulders, waist, hip bones, hips, thighs, calves, and feet. Different parts and different areas give different support forces to make the body pressure and supporting force cancel each other, keep the spine straight, care for the spine, reduce compression, promote deep sleep, and correct spine problems. That is to say, it can fit the curve of the human body and the sleeping posture, but a latex mattress that is too soft will cause a load on the lumbar spine, because it may be because of the high softness that the lumbar spine cannot be supported. In this case, Latex mattresses are good for the lumbar spine, which may aggravate lumbar spine problems.   However, it is understood that not all latex mattresses on the market have the same degree of softness. Some of them are relatively dense. As long as they are not so soft and do not deform the body, they can still be used. So from the perspective of whether latex mattresses are good for the lumbar spine, although latex mattresses have many advantages, they are not suitable for everyone. The high price of latex mattresses is due to the high production cost of latex mattresses, and the production of latex is also very limited. In addition, imported from Thailand, the price is higher than other mattresses. Whether latex mattresses are good for the lumbar spine depends on the specific situation and cannot be bought and selected blindly.   In addition to specializing in manufacturing youth mattress brands, some traditional sleep brands have also launched youth mattresses with different functions. Mattresses for teenagers and children should be based on the characteristics of children's skeletal development, so as to fit the children's body shape, effectively support their bodies, prevent teenagers from deforming their spine, relax the children's limbs, promote blood circulation, and achieve the goal of healthy development. Since children are more likely to wet the bed and vomit on the bed, it is recommended to buy a removable and washable mattress for easy cleaning or replacement when it is soiled or damaged.
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