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What questions should be paid attention to about custom-made tatami mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-01
Tatami mats are more popular nowadays and are loved by many young people. As a household item, tatami mattresses have a moderately hard and soft texture, which can promote the growth of children's bones. At the same time, tatami mattresses are vulnerable to the fragile body of the elderly. The recovery is also very beneficial. So now many consumers will customize tatami mattresses, but do you know what you need to pay attention to when custom-made tatami mattresses? Customized tatami mattresses need to pay attention to the problems. Knowledge introduction and experience whether it is comfortable. How to buy a tatami mattress that you are satisfied with? The method is to lie on it and feel it yourself, to see if there is any unevenness.  Check the fillings  The fillings in the mattress are related to the life of the mattress, and if the cushion is made, the internal structure cannot be seen. So when buying, you can try to sit on it and feel the restoring power of the cushion.  Pay attention to environmental protection   Environmental protection is the first element of the items used in the home environment, so the tatami mattress you purchase must be environmentally friendly. When purchasing, you can smell the pungent odor and see if there is any quality inspection report. Knowledge required for custom-made tatami mattresses  Pay attention to the size  The standard size of tatami mattresses on the market is 1.5 meters, so if there are no special circumstances, you can buy it according to this standard. The price of tatami mats varies greatly. Looking at the mats with the same appearance and feel, some on Taobao only sell for more than 100 yuan per square meter. In the tatami custom store, the same mat can be sold for nearly 400 yuan per square meter. Pay attention to the size of the tatami mattress. According to reports, the first step in the formal production process of tatami is to kill the eggs at high temperature, and then there are a series of production processes and processes such as cleaning, sterilization, and disinfection. If there is no first step to kill the eggs In the process, when the temperature and humidity reach a certain level, the eggs in the raw material (coir or straw) will hatch out of the insects. In fact, you must be cautious when buying tatami mats, especially those made from nature. Understand the production process of tatami mattress    The above is the knowledge of what is needed for custom-made tatami mattresses sorted out by the editor for you. Whether you put it at home or take it out, you need to pay attention to those problems.
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