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What mattress is suitable for people with poor lumbar spine

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-05
The occurrence of lumbar disc herniation has a certain relationship with functional deterioration, weight bearing and posture. Under normal circumstances, after the human body is lying flat, the body weight will be shared by the head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, arms, lower limbs and heels. The burden on the lumbar spine is reduced and the pain is also reduced. Therefore, for patients with lumbar spondylosis, it is necessary to choose a suitable bed, including pillows. Under normal circumstances, wooden beds, harder Simmons mattresses, soil kangs, etc. can be used for beds, which can reduce the pressure on the intervertebral discs due to weight and weight, and relieve the symptoms. But it is not advisable to sleep on a 'light board' bed that is too hard. It is best to lay a 7 cm to 9 cm soft cushion on a moderately thick wooden board. People lying on it should feel harder than Simmons and softer than 'light board'. The height of the pillow should preferably not exceed 7 cm. In this way, the patient can adapt to the physiological curvature to a greater extent when lying on the back, and not make some parts too strenuous, and some parts hanging in the air. When lying on the side, the corresponding 'lifting' force can be obtained from the bed board. More comfortable. When lying on your back, in order to reduce the weight on the waist, you can also place a soft cushion under the knee joint to allow the joints to be bent appropriately, so that the lower limb muscles can be relaxed while sharing the weight of the waist. When getting out of bed, it is best to wear a waist protector to avoid unnecessary sprains.  A bed that is too soft or too hard is not conducive to the rest of the spine and lumbar spine of the elderly. A mattress that is too soft will make the intervertebral discs slip out easily, which will affect the normal physiological curvature of the lumbar spine, causing contraction, tension and spasms of the lumbar muscles and ligaments, and aggravate the symptoms. In addition, the mattress is too soft will increase the difficulty for the elderly to turn over. In the event of an emergency, the soft bed will greatly hinder the emergency work of the elderly.   The elderly can choose a mattress with moderate hardness. When lying on the back, keep the lumbar spine normal physiological lordosis, and when lying on the side, keep the lumbar spine from bending. The thickness of the bedding is determined according to their comfortable feeling. Patients in the acute stage of lumbar disc herniation should also be covered with a bedding of at least 3 cm. Elderly people with relatively thin body are suitable for softer mattresses, and older people with heavier body weight are suitable for sleeping on slightly harder mattresses.
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