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What mattress is good? Are custom mattresses expensive?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-16
Mattresses are furniture that has been in contact with humans for a long time and is tightly attached, which directly affects mental and health. About one-third of the time is actually spent in bed. What kind of mattress is good? In the case that suits you as much as possible, at the same time in the environment of environmental protection, but also under the conditions of high cost performance, this mattress is good, so good things are suitable for you. The price of a custom mattress? This depends on which mattress manufacturer has customized it. If you customize it with a brand circulating in the market, it will be expensive, because most brands need to find a local agent for processing and factory, and then OEM. The promotion of the brand requires a lot of advertising costs, self-profit, and Layers of agents are divided into channels, and the rent for the facade is expensive, and it needs to be renovated, in addition to storage, property, water and electricity. Labor is also a great expense, plus the shopping guide commission, so the cost of a 2,000 yuan mattress must be maintained at a price of 10,000 yuan. Is customization expensive? Customization is like eating in a restaurant. Some are spicy, some are slightly spicy, some are light, some are coriander, and some are garlic. The chef only needs to adjust according to the taste of the customer, but the price will not change. Yes, we do the same for mattresses, as long as you make process adjustments according to your requirements, but the price will not differ much. What process is required? Before customizing, you need to communicate carefully, including: height, weight, age, gender, sleep quality, sleep depth, physical state, including: the elderly, pregnant women, couples, and children. For example, there is a big difference in physical condition between husband and wife. Men are afraid of heat and women are afraid of cold. Children are also divided into boys and girls, fat children and thin children. Pregnant women are also divided into different body types. Some pregnant women are tall, some There are differences in the size of pregnant women. The population of lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylopathy is also subdivided. Communicate these things to confirm the size and style. This is something that many mass-produced shopping malls cannot do.
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