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What kind of spring mattress is more suitable

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-07
Bichett mattress-spring mattresses are widely used in life. Each spring in the spring mattress can contact the human body, which can better ensure the balance of force. Spring mattresses have a long history of development. Advances in production technology and design have become more and more ergonomic. Coupled with the high resilience and comfort of spring mattresses, it is possible to improve the quality of human sleep and increase sleep comfort. So, what kind of spring mattress is more suitable? The following editor of Bichte Mattress will give you relevant suggestions. The main support of a spring mattress is the internal spring cushion core. The type and arrangement of the internal mattress springs will determine the performance and comfort of the entire mattress, and different mattress springs have different prices. (1) Connected spring mattresses use spiral iron wires to connect all individual springs in series to form a 'community of force'. Although slightly elastic, the spring system is not fully ergonomically designed and fits the human body. The degree is not enough, this kind of mattress spring is common in the traditional old-fashioned spring mattress. The price of this kind of mattress is generally a few hundred yuan. (2) The bagged independent tube spring mattress is made by pressing each independent spring into a bag, and then connecting and arranging it. Its characteristic is that each spring body operates independently, supports independently, and can expand and contract independently. Each spring is packed in fiber bags or cotton bags, and the spring bags between different rows are glued to each other with viscose. This spring mattress has strong anti-interference ability and zero silence when turning over. The cost of this spring mattress is more than one thousand. (3) The line-mounted upright spring mattress is made of a continuous strand of stainless steel, which is formed and arranged from the beginning to the end. It is characterized by adopting an integral non-disruptive structure spring, which follows the natural curve of the human spine and supports it appropriately and evenly. (4) Honeycomb spring mattress. The honeycomb independent tube is a type of independent tube mattress. The material and method are the same. Generally, the independent tubes are arranged in parallel. The gaps between them can improve the support and elasticity function, once again reduce the traction force on the surface of the mattress, it can more closely follow the curve of the human body, and improve the flexibility and elasticity of the average pressure distribution and the feeling of sleep. At the same time, the material and filling of the spring mattress determine the comfort of the mattress. Generally, when purchasing a spring mattress, you should also pay attention to the type of filling inside the mattress and their respective shortcomings. Common fillers generally include latex, coconut, sponge, memory foam and so on. Therefore, when purchasing a spring mattress, you should choose according to the filling in the mattress.
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