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What kind of mattress is good for sleeping with waist? What kind of mattress are we going to use?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-08

  As the pace of life accelerates, modern people sit and work all year round. Coupled with a bad sleeping environment, it is easy to cause lumbar and cervical spine problems. Many people experience back pain when they sleep at night. Xiao Bian has often seen this phenomenon in the past. In fact, many times these are caused by the choice of mattresses. So what kind of mattress is good for the waist to sleep? What kind of mattress do we want to use? Let's let the editor come to popular science for everyone.

   is not good for sleeping, what kind of mattress is good? What kind of mattress should we use? These two questions are very important. Choose a suitable mattress to make our sleep more comfortable. Let's first take a look at the problem of a good waist and a good mattress. People with poor waist need to choose mattress products with moderate hardness when choosing a mattress. Many people think that if you have a poor waist, you should choose harder orthopedic mattresses, but we have found that many patients with low back pain sleep on this kind of orthopedic bed, although the pain will be reduced, but the quality of sleep at night is still very poor, and some use moderate hardness. People do not have such troubles. In fact, this is caused by our sleep discomfort because the mattress is too hard. Related reading: Children's mattress brand rankings

   Of course, mattresses that are too soft will not work. If we sleep on a mattress that is too soft, the buttocks of the human body will dent deeply due to the heavier weight, while the head and feet will be lighter and not dented obviously, that is, they are in a horizontal position. This situation is equivalent to arching the waist when standing upright. unnatural. We can think about it in a different position. Since standing with a bowed waist for a long time is uncomfortable, it is also uncomfortable to lie down with a bowed waist for a long time.

  Why do we choose a mattress with moderate hardness? This is because the human spine is not straight, but has four physical bends. The neck and lumbar sections are convex forward, and the thoracic and sacral sections are convex backward. This structure is elastic, can absorb shocks, is good for weight-bearing, and protects spinal cord nerves. Only by maintaining a physical bending posture, can people feel comfortable. Only mattresses with moderate hardness can achieve this effect for us. The characteristics of the mattress suitable for people with poor waist are introduced above.

   Let’s take a look at what kind of mattress does the waist sleep well? Here we recommend latex mattresses. Latex mattress is an ergonomic mattress product. And latex mattress is often considered the best mattress for back pain, because of its effective elastic support, it can provide you with a high-quality healthy sleep at night.

   The above is the answer for everyone today, 'What mattress is good for a bad waist? What kind of mattress are we going to use?' I hope that the editor's popular science today can help everyone.

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