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What is the standard size of the palm mattress? Can the size of the palm mattress be customized?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-31
When choosing the size of the palm mattress, many consumers will ask whether the size of the palm mattress can be customized? Also, the choice of a size like the palm mattress is also very important, after all, not everyone’s situation is the same. Yes, about the choice of palm mattress, the editor below will introduce you to the standard size of palm mattress and the mattress sizes of several types of people commonly used in life. The standard size of the palm mattress and whether it can be customized. The standard size of the palm mattress are: 1900*900mm, 1000*1900mm, 1200*1900mm, 1800*1200mm, 1800*2000mm, 1500*1800mm, etc., if you don’t have your own You can choose to customize if you want, which is very convenient. The size of the double bed is 2000*1800mm and 2200*2000mm. Both of these double beds are very large in size, so the standard size of the mattress is also the same as these two sizes. Standard brown mattress size    In life, the bed we use most is the double bed. Generally speaking, the size of a double bed is 2000*1800mm and 2200*2000mm. These two double beds are very large in size, so the standard size of the mattress is also the same as these two sizes. When we buy the mattress, the merchant will make the corresponding according to the size of our own bed. recommend. Introduction to the size of double bed    Most students use single beds, and there are many types of single beds, divided into middle school students and children’s beds. The bed size for middle school students is generally 2000*1200mm, so the standard size of the mattress for middle school students should also be 2000*1200mm, but the height of the mattress is different from the double bed. Middle school students are in the developmental stage, so the mattress should not be too thick, generally half the height of the standard size of a double bed mattress, and should not be too soft. Mattress size introduction for elementary and middle school students   For children’s beds, many parents use palm mattresses. Palm mat is also a kind of mattress. Generally speaking, the size of children's bed is 1800*1200mm. The standard size of children's mattress is 1800*1200mm, and the thickness of its mattress should be half of that of a double bed mattress. Here is a reminder to all parents that they are not allowed to use mattresses when they are still in the physical development stage, which has disadvantages to their children's bone development. People with different sizes of children's palm mattresses need different mattresses to help sleep, so the choice of size must be rigorously calculated. The specifications of the palm mattresses are different, so if the standard size does not meet their needs when choosing Then you can only choose a custom-made mattress. The custom-made mattress is not only about the size, but also the selection and matching of styles and internal materials, and even the shape can be selected. Custom-made brown mattresses are not just custom-made sizes. After reading the above content, is everyone clear that brown mattresses can be custom-made sizes? The price of custom-made brown mattresses is not too expensive, but if you can choose standard sizes, it is also good, after all It's easier.
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