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What is the difference between the five springs of mattresses in upholstered furniture?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-20
There are many types of springs in upholstered furniture mattresses. When choosing or buying, you are often confused and unclear. Then in this article, we will make a comparative analysis of the five types of springs, including full-net springs and wire-drawing springs. , Independent pocket spring, five-degree partition spring, LFK open spring. Show the difference between them? Five mattress spring types 01 for upholstered furniture. The difference between the mesh spring and the independent spring is that the general spring is composed of a single spring, while the whole mesh spring expands the single spring into a whole, a plane. Such a spring system moves the whole body as soon as it is pulled, and when one place is pressed, the nearby springs will pull each other. 02. The drawing of the tension spring. It is an interlocking, complete spring. A steel wire is used to penetrate a continuous spring group, which is a mass-produced product of the spring bed core. Its basic structure is composed of a three-dimensional wire body that is continuously wound by a spring steel wire. It has the advantages of high production efficiency, greatly reduced steel wire cost, and good overall spring elasticity. The disadvantage is that the springs interfere strongly with each other, and the winding is easy to produce frictional sound. 03. Separate pocket springs (Marshall springs) pocket springs are a very representative one of the current spring bed cores. Aside from the traditional spring connection method, it uses an open clarinet to connect with a cloth bag, and the connection method is changed from a rigid connection to a flexible connection. Change the wiring method so that each single spring can rebound freely according to the pressure it bears, without being involved in each other. Using olive type (drum type, barrel type), non-woven packaging, connectors; independent support for single sheets, whole body and body curve; effective support for all parts of the body, disperse pressure; relax, comfortable, and enjoy sleep throughout the body; anti-interference It is quiet and does not affect the sleeping partner. The disadvantage is that a certain part of the mattress is often stressed and causes partial loss of elasticity. The international high-grade mattress head chooses springs. 04. The birth of the 5-degree split spring open spring marks the transition of the bed core manufacturing concept to the 'people-oriented' direction. The basic structure of the open spring is an open single spring group connected by spring steel wires. The opening of the body spring ring mouth, although the connection method still adopts the spring steel wire connection, the elastic freedom degree is greatly improved. There is no knot at the end. The single spring has good vibration and elasticity, good load sensitivity, and can fit the curve of the human body. It can better eliminate human body pressure, improve comfort, and have a certain anti-interference ability. The international excellent new spring technology has the advantages of high human body contact and strong elasticity. 05. LFK spring opening. LFK type super-elastic spring is a new American patented technology. It is integrally formed by spiral technology. It does not sink for a long time. It is ultra-light and super-elastic. It is a special spring designated by five-star hotels. The spring diameter is uniform and the spring waist diameter is uniform to make the surface of the bed net. Every part of the bed can be supported more firmly, making the curved surface of the bed net more curved. So the above is all kinds of instructions about upholstered furniture mattress springs, to help everyone understand!
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