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What else needs to be laid on the latex mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-03
According to personal habits, natural latex mattresses generally have good inner and outer layers, which can be disassembled and cleaned, and you can sleep directly without laying anything. If you think that the thickness of the latex mattress you bought is too thin, you can add a layer of bed sheet on top of the latex mattress, do not put a thick mattress on the bottom, so as not to experience the comfort brought by the latex mattress. If it is a semi-latex mattress, it will basically change after 4-5 years abroad, so there is no need to lay things on the mattress, and it can be used directly on the skin. How to choose a natural latex mattress: 1. Shape: Usually, when we buy a mattress, we will first see if the shape, structure, comfort and color of the latex mattress meet our preferences, and then decide whether to look at them . 2. Size: Does it match the bed at home? If the size is not appropriate, the mattress is just a decoration. Next comes the critical moment. In terms of raw materials for making latex mattresses, latex mattresses are divided into natural latex mattresses and synthetic latex mattresses. 3. There are most synthetic latex mattresses on the market. Synthetic latex mattresses are usually extracted from petroleum, so don't be surprised why there are few natural latex mattresses. Next, our nose comes in handy, that is to smell the latex mattress. If the latex mattress tastes abnormal or spicy, it is not recommended to buy it. 4. Touch the latex mattress. Generally speaking, a better latex mattress feels smooth, just like a baby's skin. If it is a low-quality latex mattress, it feels very rough, no matter how it is processed, it does not feel smooth. What are the advantages and disadvantages of latex mattresses: 1. Advantages: heat dissipation and ventilation: evaporative molding, numerous pores, and good air permeability. Due to the smooth surface of the pores, mites and other insects cannot attach to it. In addition, latex juice has a very important feature, its fragrance makes many mosquitoes reluctant to approach. Good elasticity: latex has good elasticity and is not easy to deform. High-quality latex mattresses are made of natural latex. It has good elasticity, can prevent mites and bacteria, can meet the needs of people of different weights, and has good support to adapt to the various sleeping positions of sleepers. Comfort: Latex is a good gift from nature for human sleep. Latex mattresses and pillows are the world's most advanced mainstream bedding. In Europe, they found that to eliminate fatigue and sleep, natural bedding must be used to provide continuous support and a feeling of softness. 2. Disadvantages: Latex itself cannot prevent the oxidation process, especially when exposed to ultraviolet light. Real latex cannot be molded. In the so-called natural rubber latex, the purity of latex rubber is only 20%-40%, most of which are protein and sugar. Latex must be added with alkali to extend its storage time. Latex rubber has an allergic effect, and about 8% of people are allergic to latex.
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