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What are the ways to choose a mattress? Mattress maintenance skills

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-07
When some of our friends buy furniture, many people like to buy a big and comfortable bed. So how do you choose the bed? In fact, it depends on how to choose the mattress. There are many types of mattresses sold in the market today, my friends. How to choose a mattress? First, what are the tips for choosing a mattress? 1. The raw material of this latex mattress is made of natural rubber resin. After the exquisite technology of the mattress manufacturer, it combines modern high-tech equipment and many A mattress made of a patented technology has many advantages such as super elasticity, orthopedic function, breathable and anti-bacterial, ultra-quiet, etc. Now the most popular mattress on the market is this kind of mattress, but relatively speaking , The price is more expensive, its service life can reach 15 years without deformation, and the environmental protection mattress can inhibit the breeding of mites. 2. When buying a bed, there is another kind of memory foam mattress. Its raw material is refined from petroleum, and its chemical name is polyurethane (PU), which is mainly chemically synthesized. Compared with latex mattresses, its resilience is slower, and it has the characteristics of decompression, temperature sensitivity, and air permeability. Memory foam shock absorption materials, shock absorption materials and sound insulation materials. 3. The memory foam mattress cannot be cleaned. Once it is cleaned, it will disappear completely, and the duration is only 3 to 5 years. However, it has been medically verified that the memory foam mattress can also effectively relieve skeletal muscle pain and assist in the treatment of cervical and lumbar problems. It is a mattress especially suitable for pregnant women and our elderly. 4. When buying a mattress, there is also a brown mattress. Its raw materials are made of hot materials, environmentally friendly and breathable. It is similar to the brown tying bed we slept in when we were young. The material is hard, and it is basically the same as a hardboard bed. People with beds can choose brown mattresses, but those who are used to sleeping on soft beds may not be able to adapt to some elderly and children who are more suitable for harder mattresses. Second, what are the maintenance techniques of the mattress 1. Sometimes friends will inevitably move the mattress. At this time, avoid excessive deformation of the mattress, do not bend or fold the mattress, do not directly tie it with a rope, and do not let the mattress partially Excessive force, avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time or let children jump on the mattress, avoid local pressure, causing metal fatigue to affect elasticity. 2. Make time to turn the mattress over and use it regularly. It can be turned upside down or end-to-end. Generally, the family can change the position once every 3 to 6 months; in addition to using bed sheets, it is best to put on a mattress cover to avoid The mattress is dirty, easy to wash, to ensure the mattress is clean and hygienic.
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