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What are the ways to buy upholstered furniture? Seven o'clock is enough!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-21
From the literal meaning of soft furniture, it is soft furniture based on sponges and textiles. The more common soft furniture is actually beds and sofas. Generally, people will choose some soft furniture when decorating, because it is more comfortable. So how do we judge the quality of the product and choose the furniture we like?    1. When choosing upholstered furniture, pay special attention to the internal and exposed structural frames, cushions or mattresses used in the furniture materials and fabrics.   2. The quality of upholstered furniture frames is particularly important. It is worth paying attention to whether the wooden frame of the upholstered furniture is completely dry and has the function of preventing mildew. When purchasing software, please pay attention to the strength of the spring. The strength of the spring depends on the composition of the steel used.  3. In addition to choosing the style of the sofa and soft bed, the internal filling materials should be carefully identified. The filling materials include sponge, hot melt cotton, slip cotton, cotton felt and brown sheets used in the production of mattresses. Good air permeability, high-strength hot melt cotton and slip cotton; in terms of fabric selection, ick-resistant fabrics are better.   4. Softness and stiffness are not the main criteria that determine the quality of furniture. The quality of the sponges, springs and fillers used will also directly affect the comfort and lifespan, so you should do it yourself when choosing a sofa, soft bed or mattress. Experience the support of the upholstered furniture carefully with your knees, hands, hips and back.   5. When buying Jinan soft sofas, many people face the problem of being unable to distinguish the quality of upholstered furniture fabrics. Leather products (such as leather sofas) can only be divided into microfiber leather, eco-friendly leather, etc. Therefore, when purchasing upholstered furniture, avoid using half leather as full leather by asking for a product manual or specifying in the contract whether it involves full leather, half leather or thick leather (if leather parts are involved).  6. u200bu200bThe types of upholstered furniture usually include mattresses, sofas and other manufactured products, so when buying, you need to consider your own furniture style, such as furniture style. With a beautiful appearance, we should design and make decisions for the entire house. We cannot create chaos behind the scenes. Beautiful furniture can indeed meet our needs.   7. Consumers should first consider the size, area and volume of the sofa or mattress during the purchase process. Everyone's apartment type should be different, so you need the furniture in the room, the exact size. When selecting, you need to measure it.   I have to say that when buying upholstered furniture, everyone should pay attention to the methods and there are many reference points. This requires us to distinguish carefully and not to be careless.
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