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What are the misunderstandings that the mattress is prone to

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-08
The consequence of sleeping directly on the mattress is that during sleep, the body's average outflow of about 500 ml of water every night and about 1.3 million leucoderma cells that are metabolized every day are directly 'absorbed' by the mattress. It will penetrate into the mattress from the outside to the inside, contaminating the mattress and making it a hotbed full of insects and germs. Do not clean the mattress: “2 million full insects accompany you to sleep overnight” is not sensational, after all, one full insect can become 300 in 3 months. Especially on a mattress that has not been cleaned for a long time, there must be children's urine, spilled drinks, and side-leaked official leave stains, which provides a resource advantage for the growth of bacteria and insects. When using the mattress, the packaging film is not torn: In order to ensure that the mattress is not contaminated during transportation, it is usually covered with a packaging film. Many people do not tear off the packaging film when using it to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. In fact, it is covered. The packaging film is breathable, which is more prone to dampness, mildew, and even a bad smell. The mattress does not rotate for a long time: if the mattress is always sleeping on one side, it is prone to unevenness; if it is continuously supported by its support point, it is more likely to lose support.
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