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What are the misunderstandings of maintaining high-end mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-28
Generally speaking, the effective service life of high-end mattresses is generally about 10 years. That is to say, after ten years of use, the spring of the mattress has been subjected to long-term heavy pressure, so that its elasticity has undergone a certain change, resulting in a gap in the fit between the body and the bed at this time, so that the human spine cannot be the most effective. The support is in a bent state. Therefore, even if there is no partial damage, a new mattress should be replaced in time. The more springs, the better. There are many determinants of the quality of a mattress, and the number of springs can only explain one problem, that is, the bearing force of the spring is stronger, and the bearing force is not the number of springs but the spring material that plays a key role ·The pressure resistance and spring recovery are determined. When purchasing a mattress, you need to carry out the bearing capacity according to your own needs.  How to clean the mattress  Mattresses are usually composed of foam materials, springs and outer covers; some old-fashioned mattresses are fluffy mattresses, and the futon mattresses are filled with cotton wool. All types of mattresses can benefit from daily maintenance. Turn the mattress over and over every month to ensure that it wears evenly.   Cover the mattress with cotton or rubberized bed cover to prevent it from getting dirty. Remove stains or stains in time, but do not make the mattress too wet during cleaning. Wait until the mattress is completely dry before making the bed.
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