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What are the main types of mattress fabrics

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-14
Most of the household mattresses are knitted fabrics, such as jacquard fabrics, cashmere, etc. These are all tasteless and the quality feels good. However, because everyone’s physique, habits, etc. are different, you need to understand each before choosing. Kind of fabric types, and then make a choice. Mattress fabric type: hard mattress manufacturer introduces water spray cloth: feel full and soft. Moderate elasticity in the warp and weft directions, good follow-up, follow the changes of the fabric, excellent shape retention and three-dimensional feeling. Huayao crepe: It is printed and dyed by the active and environmentally friendly full process, with high color fastness, bright color, good texture, shiny luster, soft hand feeling, silky feel, and fashionable and beautiful positioning patterns. Washable cloth: Washable cloth is treated by a special dyeing and finishing process to give the fabric a slightly wrinkled washable style. The raw materials of washed cloth are pure cotton, polyester/cotton, polyester filament and so on. The washed cloth feels soft and has slight wrinkles in appearance. Mattress fabric type-Fuchun spinning: Fuchun spinning is a spinning silk fabric interwoven with viscose silk (rayon) and cotton-type viscose staple yarn. It is characterized by smooth silk surface, soft and smooth hand feeling, bright color, soft luster and good moisture absorption. Corduroy: There are many types of corduroy. According to the thickness of the velvet, it can be divided into extra-fine sliver, middle sliver, wide sliver and inter-strip corduroy. It is characterized by round and plump velvet, wear-resistant down, thick texture, soft hand feeling and good warmth retention. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce bamboo fiber: wear-resistant, lint-free, high moisture absorption and quick-drying, high air permeability, good drape, smooth and plump, silky soft, mildew-proof, moth-proof and antibacterial, cool and comfortable to wear, and beautiful The effect of skin care.
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