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What are the main causes of mattress mold

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-13
Many people will find that when sleeping, a part of the body's water will be discharged, some will slowly volatilize, and some will remain on the mattress, which will eventually cause mold and affect human health. In fact, this is related to the material and maintenance. All have a certain connection. Reasons for mildew on mattresses: 1. Reasons for mattress material (1) Light steel mattress manufacturers introduce palm mattresses, which are made of natural plant fibers. Plant fibers carry microorganisms such as fungi, which are not properly handled in the processing link. The strains directly reach the inside of the mattress, waiting for the right time and good conditions to catalyze the growth of the strains to form molds. (2) The reason for the mildew of the mattress: sponge is an industrial product, because it is cheap and easy to obtain, it is widely used in the production of sofas and mattresses, and becomes the filling material for making mattresses. The disadvantage of sponge is that it has strong moisture absorption and water absorption. When the humidity in the air increases, the phenomenon of sponge regain is serious, which will easily lead to moisture regain and mold inside the mattress. 2. Mattress maintenance reasons Mattresses are moldy, and half of the reasons are due to consumers' inability to maintain the mattress or incorrect way of maintaining the mattress. Newly bought mattresses should be maintained regularly after using for a period of time. Not only that, it is necessary to find the correct way to maintain the mattresses in order to extend the life of the mattresses. Light steel mattress manufacturers introduced that in order to prevent mildew, do not use a taut bed cover when using the mattress, so as not to block the air vents of the mattress and cause the air in the mattress to be unable to circulate and breed bacteria. The bed cover must not only absorb sweat and moisture, but also prevent dust and clean.
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