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What are the health effects of soft and hard beds?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-04
The elderly often educate their children not to sleep on soft beds, and at the same time they think that sleeping on a hard bed is good for their health, so are they right? The following briefly talk about some common sense of soft bed and hard bed for everyone. Sleeping too soft is very harmful to the spine. A soft bed can sleep comfortably (such as a Simmons bed), but the number of times to turn over during sleep is less, and the waist muscles maintain a long posture, which is not good for health, and the longer the fixation time, the lumbar The greater the damage, the more it will affect the development of adolescents. When standing at the same time, the thoracic spine and lumbar lordosis will increase. Resting on a hard bed can restore bending. Moreover, the bending recovery is very small when sleeping on a soft bed, which is not good for the body. Excessively hard beds are not good for the body. Humans have a bent physiological structure. If the bed is too hard to sleep, the waist will hang in the air, making it difficult to relax and rest fully, and the muscles are easy to harden, which may affect the health of bones and joints. Some influence. Some normal people feel back pain when they get up, but the reason is that the bed is too hard. And for people who do have waist diseases, sleeping on a hard bed can reduce the pressure on the waist by the weight of the body a little, and the phenomenon of backache and back pain can still be slightly alleviated. Soft bed and hard bed are available for the elderly. Compared with the hammock, the rigid bed is a kind of bed that is more suitable for the bending of the elderly. A bed with moderate hardness, high elasticity and good air permeability is preferred. If you have low back pain, you can choose a slightly harder bed, which is conducive to recovery. All in all, what we have to test for soft beds and hard beds is actually the corresponding adaptability. For different groups, we should be equipped with different soft beds.
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