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What are the general classifications of hotel mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-31
I believe that everyone often travels and travels, and at this time the suitable hotel is very important, and the quality of the hotel mattress affects the mental state and work efficiency of the residents. The hotel is a service-oriented enterprise, and the customer's good experience is felt from these details. So what I want to talk about next is what are the general classifications of hotel mattresses?    A good mattress can support your body in a balanced manner, especially when lying on your side, you can give targeted attention to different areas of the team’s body. Support, keep the spine naturally straight, ensure even support of the body, reduce body pressure points, relieve fatigue, relax muscles, and replenish energy. According to the principle of ergonomics, it is designed according to the important nine-segment position of the human body, so that you can follow the natural curve of the human body and closely support your spine when you sleep on your back and side. Let you relieve stress, relax naturally, and gradually enter deep sleep. Different types of mattresses will give you a different feeling of sleep. It is mainly divided into the following categories:   latex mattress   The raw material of natural latex mattress is taken from the sap of rubber tree and made into latex mattress through a unique process. The mattress not only has good air permeability, but also has elasticity and is soft and close to the body, which can quickly respond to the body's response. There are many pores on the latex, which can fully ensure the breathability and heat dissipation of the mattress. The high elasticity and strong support of the latex itself can be integrated to adapt to the various sleeping positions of the sleeper and can alleviate the backache caused by the wrong sleeping position. Back pain and other conditions.  Foam Mattress    Foam mattress is a more common type of mattress in the home, mainly made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattress, this kind of mattress is soft and has strong water absorption. Lying on it will give your body more support. Compared with other mattresses, it is quiet and vibration-free, so you can play around on the bed without worry.   inflatable mattress    inflatable mattress can also be called an adjustable inflatable mattress, as you can see from the name, this kind of mattress is adjustable in air. The outer skin is made of a layer of PVC and is inflated by an air pump. This kind of mattress is strong, durable and not easily deformed. It is also very convenient to tidy up after letting go.  Palm Mattress  This kind of mattress is made of palm fiber. Generally, it has a harder texture. It is between a hardboard bed and a spring mattress. It is suitable for people who like to sleep on a harder mattress. And the price is relatively cheap. However, the shortcomings are also obvious. The palm smell has poor ventilation and moisture removal, and the mattress is prone to mold.  Spring mattress   Spring mattress is also a relatively common mattress, with a spring structure in the middle, and one or more layers of other materials up and down. Due to the spring material, the edge of the mattress is relatively fragile  
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