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What are the factors in the knowledge about the price of customized hotel mattresses?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-01
A bed that is too soft or too hard is not good for the body. Too soft means that the support is insufficient, the whole body sinks, and the spine is in a deformed state. The tissues of the shoulders and buttocks of the bed that are too hard are squeezed and are prone to soreness. And the hotel mattress makes people feel comfortable to sleep. The editor below will introduce you to the knowledge about the custom-made price of hotel mattresses, so that you can buy a mattress that you are satisfied with. Hotel mattress custom price knowledge introduction   Generally speaking, five-star hotel mattresses are more expensive. Looking at the brand, popularity, comfort, design, etc., I have stayed in seven-star and five-star hotels. I know that JAHVERY is used in some presidential suites to support the spine, and the base material feels like human fat.  The price of custom-made hotel double bed mattresses is generally 390-590 yuan, and the size is 1800*2000*200mm. The price is different according to different material configurations. Generally, the better one is around 1000. When customizing hotel mattresses, pay attention to the air permeability of the mattress: The price of custom-made hotel mattresses for two people is scientifically calculated, and most people have 35% of them in their lifetime. Time will be spent in bed. This also reflects the importance of rest. Everyone will usually expel a lot of sweat due to the operation of the human secretory system during sleep, and some of these will be dried out, and the other part The sweat will penetrate into the mattress, so if a hotel mattress does not have good air permeability, it will easily cause bacteria and mites to grow in the mattress. Hotel mattresses need good air permeability. The price of a hotel room mattress is generally 1280 yuan. It can completely fit the body curve, release pressure, and sense changes in human body temperature, providing different softness and hardness. It becomes the current bed One of the main padding materials.   Hotel guest room mattresses are woven from palm fiber, and they are generally hard, or hard but soft. The price of the mattress is relatively low. It has natural palm smell when used, poor durability, easy to collapse and deform, poor supporting performance, poor maintenance and easy to moth or mold. The price of the mattress is around 300 yuan. Different mattress materials have different prices.    high-carbon chain springs, moderately soft and hard, provide the most suitable support for the spine. The thick environmentally friendly sponge cushion and luxurious comfort layer design allow you to fully relieve stress. The brocade fabric is soft and comfortable, resistant to light, sunlight and washing, moisture-proof and breathable. The price ranges from about 3 to 400 yuan. Introduction to the price of spring hotel mattresses. The material and technology used in hotel mattresses are closely related to the customized price of hotel mattresses. Therefore, after choosing the right mattress material, you need to compare it with other mattresses so that you can buy a good one. Hotel mattress.
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