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What are the effects of upholstered furniture on sleep?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-20
The popularity of upholstered furniture has not been a short while, and its development can be said to satisfy the preferences of young people to a large extent. So can a soft bed help you fall asleep? The following will give you an introduction to the effect of soft beds on sleep, so that you can understand it. 1. It is the selection of spring materials for high-grade soft bed mattresses, and the design and production are very user-friendly. The previous 'mattresses' are made of ordinary springs, because the springs have the same stress points, and when a person lies down, the waist will have a sense of suspension, while the 'high-quality soft mattresses' are made of high-carbon steel with good elasticity. The spring is made of a two-stage principle according to the physiological characteristics of the human body. The first spring ring first relaxes the rebound between the body and the mattress, and the second spring ring is deeply close to the curve of the body. It is said that this design can still keep the spine of the body in a natural S shape after lying down. 2. The comfort of a 'high-quality soft mattress' depends on its filling material. The filling material is mostly natural fluff such as wool and camel hair. These materials are moisture-absorbing, breathable and soft. 3. In addition, it is filled with infrared resin sponge, which has the effect of promoting sleep. Even some mattresses use aerospace technology materials, which can not only 'actively adapt' to the body structure of people of different body types, reduce weight pressure, but also relieve physical discomfort, prevent bedsores, and effectively improve sleep quality. When people are resting in bed, their shoulders and buttocks are two parts that are prone to pain. Sleeping on a bed without 'support' for a long time will cause the human spine to bend and deform. For friends who like to sleep on the side, sleep on a hard bed. , It will also cause the human spine to bend and deform. Therefore, the key to the recognition of these 'advanced soft beds' by consumers lies in technically avoiding these 'hard injuries' of traditional 'soft beds' and hard beds. It can be said that although the so-called soft furniture is loved by the majority of friends, we still need to make a choice according to our own needs!
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