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What are the effective ways to remove mites on the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-24
Nowadays, mattresses are an indispensable product, but many people don’t understand that mites often like them, which can threaten people’s health. In order to prevent physical discomfort, we need to understand how to remove these mites so that we can sleep well. healthier. Mattress mites removal method: 1. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce the problem of indoor dust. Some remedial measures must be taken immediately for rooms where mites have been infested. For example, reduce indoor dust as much as possible, so that dust infected with mites and other molds cannot be dispersed into the air. Specifically, reduce the ventilation between houses of different temperatures, thereby improving the phenomenon of dust. Remove dust from windows, indoor high-temperature places and around ventilation facilities, and pay attention to eliminate hidden dangers in places where dust is easy to raise. 2. The house is clean. The ventilation of the room is extremely important to prevent the growth of mites, because the air humidity below 60% can make it difficult for mites and molds to survive. It would be more effective if the thick carpet in the bedroom could be removed. Since the main hiding place for mites in the bedroom is the mattress, it is important to keep the mattress clean at all times. 3. Choose heat dissipation. The other key is proper heat dissipation and proper heating. Choosing an appropriate radiator will play an important role in eliminating mites and reducing indoor dust floating. Because the surface of the radiator is sprayed with plastic, it is smooth and delicate, not easy to accumulate dust, and easy to clean, which effectively eliminates the parasites of mites. The hard mattress manufacturers introduced the points introduced above are some methods on how to remove mattress mites. I believe that through these methods, you can have your own understanding of this aspect, and these problems can be solved well in the future. .
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