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What are the advantages of upholstered furniture for modern life?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-02
With the changes of the times, people's quality of life is getting higher and higher, and upholstered furniture has become a new direction of furniture development. So what attracted us and made us choose it among the many pieces of furniture? Let’s take a look at it today.  1. Mix and match   In the past, our furniture generally followed a unified style, and there were certain rules for what style, what material, and what color. However, upholstered furniture does not have such restrictions. It pays more attention to the expression of color and beauty in the collocation of colors and materials, rather than being imprisoned by some inherent regulations. Of course, although it is a mix and match, it still conforms to the basic aesthetics and cannot be 'mixed'. The flexibility of this mix and match is also deeply loved by the younger generation.  2. Lightweight and flexible   In order to cater to young consumers' pursuit of minimalist style, Jinan Upholstered Furniture Factory generally designs the appearance of upholstered furniture to make the visual presentation simpler and lighter. For example, the armrest of the sofa becomes narrower, or the backrest of the sofa becomes shorter, which makes consumers feel that this product is very light in terms of visual perception.   In addition, young consumers prefer more flexible furniture combinations, such as sofas, which used to be ordinary corner sofas and straight sofas. The soft sofa pursues a richer form in combination, for example, it can only have combination piers.  3. Widespread use of fabric materials   In the past, the most popular furniture in home decoration was leather and wood products. For example, leather sofas and leather beds were popular in the past. But in recent years, we can see that fabric furniture has become more and more popular, which stems from the iteration of consumers. Young people prefer the leisure and comfort brought by fabric, rather than pursuing a material that looks noble but has a sense of distance. Therefore, a major feature of upholstered furniture is the extensive use of fabrics to attract the attention of young people.   Generally speaking, upholstered furniture has established a brand advantage by virtue of its attractiveness to young people, which is an important point. However, its style diversity, light and flexible movement characteristics, and the richness of fabric materials are also advantages that cannot be ignored. For modern life, convenience, speed, and variety are what people pay attention to. Because it is satisfying, it is successful.
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