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What about the lead time of gel memory foam mattress from placing a order to delivery?
Our lead times vary depending on material availability and production queue. We have several options to expedite the process if the project calls for it. An Guangzhou Weyes Network Technology Co., Ltd representative can give you an accurate estimate based on the specifics of your project. Lead time is an extremely important factor when choosing a supplier for manufacturing gel memory foam mattress . Weyes does a good job in lead time. The pursuit of lead time adds our customer's satisfaction.

Based on years of manufacturing experience, Foshan Weyes Home Furnishings Co., Ltd has grown into a competitive manufacturer of pillow top mattress topper in the industry. As one of Weyes's multiple product series, memory foam bed series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. Using electromagnetic induction technology, this product features high sensor capacity and accuracy in identifying writing or drawing movement. It is purely hygienic and will not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions. Foshan our company Home Furnishings Co., Ltd adopts international management standards to ensure that the enterprise management innovation. The product feels stunningly soft and makes people pleasing to touch.

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