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Want to know which is better, palm cotton or coconut palm mattress? Understand and understand their characteristics

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-07
Perhaps many people know that there are alternative palm cotton mattresses and coconut palm mattresses, but many people don’t know what are the benefits of these two things, they only know that they are comfortable to lie down. So, today, let us compare alternative palm cotton and coconut palm mattresses to see which is better, alternative furniture such as mattresses or cushions. Comparison of Palm Cotton Mattresses and Coir Mattresses. Features of Palm Cotton Mattresses. Palm cotton is also called environmentally friendly palm cotton. The material used is high-quality imported 4080 low-melting fiber. The room is uniformly heated and finalized into a substitute for brown cotton. It is a 100% environmentally friendly product and because the fiber used is renewable fiber, it can be recycled. The introduction of the material of the mattress of the replacement of brown cotton is not only that, but also has many advantages. It has high resilience, strong flexibility, no irritating odor, non-toxic, and does not release any harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is safe, healthy and reliable. Wearable. Not easily deformed. Mattress cushions made of it are also popular among people. The most prominent thing is that the brown cotton is also very breathable, it is not easy to age, mold, and it is not easy to breed mosquitoes, it is insect-proof and mite-proof, and it is easy to clean. The advantages of palm cotton mattress   The characteristics of coconut palm mattress   Coconut, refers to coconut, coconut palm is a filamentous substance extracted from the coconut shell, the color is brown. Generally, coconut palm is compressed into bundles after high temperature sterilization to make other things. Coconut palm is also a pure natural product that is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Moreover, coconut palm is also a natural health product, which can inhibit bacterial growth, is moisture-proof and breathable, and is harmless and non-irritating to the human body. However, coconut palm is relatively hard and firm, not as flexible and comfortable as palm cotton. It is more suitable for the elderly and children who prevent spinal degeneration. Knowledge about the characteristics of coconut palm mattress So, which is better, substitute palm cotton or coconut palm? In comparison, substitute palm cotton is better, because substitute palm cotton is a more environmentally friendly and harmless material, and it is soft and comfortable, suitable for More people choose, although coconut palm is also healthy and safe, it is slightly inferior to contemporary palm cotton in terms of comfort.
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