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Upholstered furniture: What are the types of soft beds? How to classify?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-22
As a current hot product, upholstered furniture brings a very high-quality living environment to many families. This comfortable state is what is urgently needed after work. Today we will tell you in detail about the various classifications of soft beds and their classification methods.   Simple classification of soft beds in upholstered furniture    1. Leather soft bed: The front of the product bed screen is covered with natural animal leather, and the other outer surfaces can be covered with man-made materials or textile fabrics.   2. All-leather soft bed: The outer surface of the product is covered with natural animal leather.   3. Artificial leather soft bed: The main outer surface of the product is covered with artificial leather.  4. Fabric soft bed: The main outer surface of the product is covered with wool, hemp, cotton, chemical fiber or blended fabric.  The quality of Jinan soft beds  Jinan soft beds are classified according to their placement form  1. Embedded cushion type: After the mattress is placed, it partially sinks in the side of the bed.  2. Cushionless type: the mattress is placed directly on the upper part of the bed.  Material of the Jinan soft bed  1. The frame constitutes the main structure and basic shape of the soft bed. The frame materials mainly include wood, steel, man-made panels, and medium-density fiberboards. At present, it is mainly based on medium-density fiberboard. The frame mainly needs to meet the requirements of shape and strength.   2. The filling plays a decisive role in the comfort of the soft bed. The traditional fillers are brown silk and springs. Nowadays, foamed plastics, sponges and various functional synthetic materials are commonly used.  3. The filler should have good elasticity, fatigue resistance and long service life. Different parts of the soft bed have different requirements for load-bearing and comfort. The performance and price of fillers vary greatly.   4. The quality of the soft bed is determined by the texture and color of the fabric. The current fabric varieties are really dazzling. With the advancement of technology, the types of fabrics will become more and more abundant. Jinan soft bed material identification method 1. Look at the weight and thickness: look at the weight of the bed and the thickness and weight of the bottom box board, because the thicker the bed and the bottom box board, the higher the density of the material in the board, so consumers only need to lift it slightly You can know and compare from the corner of your bed. If you can, you can try to step on the bottom box board to see how the load-bearing capacity is. Because the bottom box is our storage space, sometimes we may step on it to put things or clean up, so the load-bearing capacity is also very important.   2. Listen to the sound: You can knock it, even if the paint is good, the sound of MDF and solid wood particle board is different from that of solid wood, and it feels lighter and empty.  3. Look at the backboard: Look at the backboard surface behind the soft bed, you can see the problem by looking at the back. The front and back of the well-made soft bed are equally exquisite.  4. Look at the bedside cabinets: software bedside cabinets are basically with drawers, and the top ones are usually railed, and the drawers can be taken out. Because the rails are threaded with holes, the actual material of the soft bed can be seen by pulling out the rails. For example, density boards are classified into high, medium, and low according to different densities. The merchant said it was a secret. We don’t know if it is. Seeing is believing.   For the above content, we not only introduced some classification and classification methods of soft beds, but also gave a powerful reference method on how to judge the material of soft beds. I hope everyone can pay attention to our above content, I believe it will be helpful for us to buy and use upholstered furniture in the future.
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