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Tried and tested: Can a memory foam mattress help you to sleep better?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2020-05-14
Even after any strenuous exercise with ice
Cold shower, foam rolling and magnesium salt bath, I still find it difficult to fall asleep a lot later that night.
So when a new mattress claims that it can relieve pain while improving sleep, I\'m curious if giving up the spring can help ease the situation. What is it?
If you\'re new to mattress shopping, the 5g of Ergoflex is a very-hyped. The online-
Only the brand sells a mattress made of something called \"sticky\"
Elastic Memory foam \'-a sponge material originally invented by NASA for use in space shuttle seats.
Because it is much more dense than the latex or polyurethane foam used in many other mattresses, the 9 cm foam layer in ergoflex 5g absorbs more pressure and provides better support for the spine.
Its USP is the way it \"reshapes your body and over time it adapts to the contours of your body and the way you sleep.
Memory foam has been around for decades and is often affected by bad heat due to summer, but 5g solves this problem in a special waydesigned ‘Cool-
Sleep layer and breathable outer cover to avoid heat retention.
Unlike the standard foam, the temperature-
Sensitive, it has a breathable structure that allows the air to move around the material, making it less likely to produce the smell of \"used material.
Can it really improve sleep?
Sleep hygiene experts say the ideal mattress should be soft enough to sink you into it while being strong enough to support your back, this one does both with a medium to firm feeling.
It holds the body at night and lets more of the back hit the surface of the bed, which health experts say helps relieve stress on the shoulders and hips, which can cause pain in the long run.
One of the best things is that when there are two people in the bed, the pressure-
Easing the composition means you don\'t feel the weight and drop of others, which means sharing a bed is as comfortable as sleeping alone.
It comes in a small box so all you need to do is open it and let it expand naturally into a rectangle. The visco-
The elastic foam has a little noticeable smell, which is unpleasant at first, but disappears after sleeping at night and being exposed to the air.
During the month I tried, I found it easier for me to fall off and the next morning I felt my shoulder pain relieved.
The breathable material also prevented me from getting hot and sweating, adding to a good night\'s sleep.
The price of the double mattress is 599 which is not the cheapest in your bedroom.
But given that you are lying in bed for the third time in your life, if you take sleep seriously, I would argue that it is worth it.
The Ergoflex mattress starts at £ 359;
visit ergoflex. co.
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