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Tips for identifying latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-23
Due to its environmental protection and comfortable features, latex mattresses are deeply loved by users, and they can bring good sleep, and the majority of users like them. However, we need to pay attention to the fact that it is difficult to distinguish between true and false on the market, and it is also difficult to master some distinguishing skills. Very critical. 1. Smell with your nose. Hard mattress manufacturers introduce the identification of latex mattresses. Pay attention that good latex mattresses are made of natural latex. You can distinguish them by 'smell' when purchasing. Natural latex mattresses smell a little frankincense, which is natural. The smell of resin. Generally, a new mattress will evaporate naturally within a week after you buy it home. If it is not natural latex but a mattress made of chemical latex or synthetic latex, it will have a chemical smell, and some are pungent. 2. Look with your eyes. The surface of the natural latex mattress is matt, not very shiny, and the surface of the mattress is delicate, with some wrinkles and traces of pores. If you buy a latex mattress made of chemical latex or synthetic latex, its surface will be shiny, tight, and look smooth, with no or few pores, and every pattern and protruding point will be It's full, it looks flawless at all. 3. Touch it by hand. Touch it with your hand, the natural latex mattress feels smooth, as delicate and comfortable as a baby's skin, while the fake latex mattress feels smooth but has no texture. It feels firm and not soft to the touch. 4. The manufacturer of hard mattress introduces to lie up and try it. To judge whether a latex mattress is a natural latex mattress, and whether it is suitable for you, you have to lie on it and try it out and feel it for yourself. The natural latex mattress is designed according to the seven regions of the human body, which perfectly fits the curve of the human body. It will be natural and easy to fall asleep.
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