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These mattress mites removal techniques are much more useful than the usual exposure!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-07-29
In most cases, the mattress in the family is used for a long time, and few people can clean the mattress. A more hygienic family usually chooses the method of eliminating mites, but because the mattress is generally thick, mites are not used, and it is possible to remove them. TH. Mites. The mattress can no longer be used. Therefore, removing the mites on the mattress is a big problem. So, after the mattress has been used for a long time, is there an effective and simple way to remove mites?    High-temperature steam is spread in the form of mites. In many cities, there are some principles for removing mites, removing mites from high-temperature steam. In fact, it can be achieved at home. This mainly depends on the electric iron. In order to prevent the mattress from being burnt out, it is usually placed in a large wet towel between the mattress and the iron. In this way, the mattress is avoided and the mattress is guaranteed.   Every part of this place was burned down. This method is generally suitable for thin mattresses, especially thick mattresses. This approach is usually more effective. Suggestion: Due to the mites after the high temperature, the mattress is wet, the better way is to get in the sun, and then a circle to remove the mites, in this case, the effect of the mites will be doubled. Spray to remove mites. This is a method of removing mites, which can be used in every corner of the house, because the spray can penetrate into the bottom of quilts and cushions, which can effectively remove mites, so in addition to mite activities, it can be used in most household appliances, And it is also easy and easy to live and work. Busy people.   In addition to mites and mites. This is the easiest and most professional method to remove mites. Generally speaking, mites can be removed more thoroughly and deeply in mattresses, blankets, quilts, sofas or carpets, but it is generally easy to operate except for mites removal equipment. , The elderly at home can use. In addition, mites are also an economical way to eliminate mites because they are better than ordinary sunbathing.
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