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There are many problems with the arrival of mattresses purchased online

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-03
Mattresses almost play a decisive role in the quality of sleep. Now more and more people will choose to buy mattresses online. First of all, online shopping is very convenient. Whether you are in a different place or you can't spare time, online shopping is a matter of minutes; secondly, compared with physical stores, online shopping is relatively cheap. However, before you decide to buy a mattress online, I will give you five suggestions to avoid various problems after the product arrives. 1 Go to the physical store to familiarize yourself with the type. Sleep is a purely private experience. Your sleeping position, your body, etc. will affect your sleep quality, but others cannot help you. So you have to feel it yourself. Fifteen minutes is enough. Studies have shown that people are more satisfied with foam cushions or memory mattresses than spring cushions, but this does not represent your choice. Only by lying on each mattress can you know which mattress is comfortable to sleep on. 2. Be wary of advertising language. The description on the Internet is often exaggerated. Even if you say it well, it may be wrong. Of course, you can't easily confuse. Taking the number of coils as an example, the test shows that the number of coils of a mattress with experience effects should be between 600 and 1000, so when you see some mattresses with too many coils, you should know that they are not a good one. choose. According to Yitong Furniture Bianxiao, the number of springs is not very standard. If the hardness of the metal used to make the spring is not high enough, the support and durability of the mattress will not be good. Some manufacturers also sell some so-called upgraded coils, such as Bonnell, independent pocket springs and sustainable coils, but they are not much better than ordinary coils. 3. Don't spend too much money on gel. Gel mattress is not as cool as it sounds. Many businesses say that their mattresses have a layer of gel, which can maintain a constant temperature, ventilate, absorb sweat and dehumidify. The price is usually very expensive, usually tens of thousands of pounds. Although many users say that gel mattresses have some effects when used, there are also many fatty papers like Bian Xiao that are not sensible. Before, some American experts tested the constant temperature performance of ordinary gel mattresses and found that they were not significantly different from other mattresses. If you can’t feel the gel when you sleep on a mattress you buy online, it means that the gel layer is almost just a thin layer on the mattress. In the past, it was often reported that the gel layer was cut open and other fillers were found inside. Some businesses even say that they have adopted the new invisible gel technology, but Bian Xiao Yitong Furniture Company suggests that if you really want to buy a gel mattress, you must choose a regular brand and don't be greedy for cheap. 4. Determine the hardness of the mattress according to the size. Although Yitong Furniture Bianxiao recommends that you go to the physical store to familiarize yourself with various types of mattresses before shopping online, you can also rely on a very simple rule to make a choice, that is, figure Smaller people need softer mattresses. Because if your weight is very light and the mattress is hard, your body will not sink like a heavy person, which means your shoulders and pelvis will become important pressure points, and you will get up the next day Feel sore. Many people say they have back pain, so when you see 'give more lumbar support' in the product description, you can skip it. Although many mattresses sell well because of their special attention to the lumbar spine, there is no authoritative research to verify whether it is really beneficial to the human body. 5. Ask two questions. One is 'What is your return policy?' The second question is 'Do you recycle used mattresses?'. This question is very important. Although many large companies will say that they will return products for free within 100 days, there is always a risk that real products in online shopping will not match the pictures. It is always correct to learn clearly. The second question is to save you trouble. After all, it is useless to keep the old mattress. Many companies will recycle old mattresses, some of which will be used for charity. When we shop online, we always see a lot of high-tech terms and data, and then we get confused by our tall people. Uniform Furniture Bianxiao reminds everyone that the mattress does not have to be as expensive as possible, nor does it have to sound as strong as possible. Only what suits you is good.
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