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There are 10 million mites that accompany you to sleep day and night

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-22
Busy and busy every day, the happiest time to go home is to lie in bed after the shower, do not care about anything, how to be comfortable, how to lie down! However, I'm afraid you don't know yet, no matter when, at least 10 million mites will start rampaging on you, sleeping with you! Yes! Mites! 10 million! Someone also asked me what a mite is? 'Mites are microscopic pests that are invisible to the naked eye. They live in every corner of our lives, such as carpets, pillows, mattresses, sofas, plush toys, etc. -------[Mattress manufacturers] They The reproduction speed is 10 times that of mice! They reproduce the next generation every three days, and the bed is the most suitable nest for mites to grow and reproduce. We spend at least 7 to 8 hours in the bed a day, and the bedding is the most direct contact with human skin Contact provides an excellent opportunity for mites to invade! This is no joke!! The mites are the strongest allergen in the world. There are 42,000 mites for every 30 grams of dust, and one mite is attached to more than 12 kinds of allergens. About 44% of allergic patients have different degrees of sleep problems, such as difficulty sleeping, waking up, and more dreams. Up to 70% of the allergens are mites. Pillows and mattresses contain 10% of mold, mite feces and fullness after three years. The corpses of mites. These mites will enter your skin and hair follicles, cause some skin diseases and respiratory diseases, and cause serious harm to the human body. The skin rashes and itchy, the acne on the face and back cannot be removed, and it is easy to be infected with severe pneumonia and encephalitis , Hand, foot and mouth disease, toxoplasmosis, hemorrhagic fever and other deadly infectious diseases. The mite is so big, what is the general solution for friends?------(Mattress wholesale) The method of 'mites, Swept again. There is no time to get rid of mites. If you want to be free of mites on the bed, you must stop the birth of mites from the source, starting with choosing the right bedding. For mattresses, which mattress can be at the root Completely eradicate mites? Yes: pure latex mattress! (Mattress Factory) Mattress (Suiforlun Home Furnishing) Co., Ltd. is tailor-made for you of every age Healthy and quality sleep! Order a pure latex mattress now to keep away from mites
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