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The three basic categories of foam mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-25
Foam mattresses are divided into three basic categories: foam, memory foam and latex foam. There are other sub-categories, and each category has different characteristics. In a nutshell, these three can be made into excellent beds, they are comfortable, have great support for the right people, and lack the classic internal spring structure. They are made of different materials, have different densities, and have slightly different advantages and disadvantages. The following is an overview: Foam: Made of polyurethane, popular since the 1950s. It is often used as the top comfort layer of a built-in spring mattress, but it can also be a mattress. Memory foam: It is also made of polyurethane, but chemical substances are added in the finishing process to make it have a rebound function, thus giving rise to the name 'memory foam'. Memory foam has a very unique sponge feel that is different from other foams. Latex foam: It is a heat-treated product made of liquid latex, which can be extracted from rubber tree (Brasil rubber tree), or it can be made with petroleum products in the laboratory. There are natural and synthetic latex mattresses.
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