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The quality of the mattress can help you judge the editor will show you how to choose a comfortable mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-15
Many people already have some understanding of our waiting, and have introduced it to you, and today I will introduce it to you, hoping to help you. First of all, the first point of mattress elasticity test: Here, the Foshan mattress editor will teach you how to judge whether the mattress is elastic enough. You can first test the bed surface with your knees, or sit down at the corner of the bed and observe whether the mattress is fast A mattress with good elasticity will return to its original state immediately. The second point is that most of the mattress material is latex mattress. Latex mattresses can meet the needs of many people. The excellent support of this mattress can adapt to the fancy sleeping position of sleepers. And there is no sound, which can improve the quality of sleep. Finally, the third point is that when you finally buy a mattress, it is not enough to feel it with your hands. The best way is to lie down and flip it left and right. A good mattress will never have unevenness. A phenomenon in which the edge sinks or the lining moves. The editor of Foshan Mattress reminds you that when you lie on the mattress and try to sleep, a good mattress can keep your spine stretched naturally and fit your shoulders, waist, and hips to the mattress, telling you three points of judgment The mattress is good or bad without leaving the slightest gap. You might like this article better: In fact, everyone wants to buy a comfortable and affordable mattress. A good mattress can double your sleep quality, but how to choose a branded mattress? How to choose a mattress that suits you? Next, let the editor of Foshan mattress take everyone to understand whether the appearance of the mattress is uniform in thickness, whether the periphery of the mattress is straight and flat; whether the cushion surface is well-proportioned; whether the mattress pad uses too thick padding material; Whether the printing and dyeing pattern of the fabric is uniform; whether the sewing needle thread has defects such as broken thread, skipped stitches, and floating threads. The editor of Soft and Hard Foshan mattress believes that the best sleeping position should be the same as the standing position. A mattress with a good support function can give the body ubiquitous support. At the same time, the spine can be maintained in a more comfortable position. Only when the spine maintains a natural curvature, the muscles can really relax. Otherwise, you will feel tired when you get up. This requires the softness of the mattress to be moderate. How to choose the mattress structure that suits you? The focus of choosing a mattress is to pay attention to ergonomics in structure, and consider whether it can provide adequate support for the human body. It is best to choose a 'tubular' spring mattress that can independently support each part of the body, can completely conform to the body's curve, and has low interference. Material selection There are many kinds of materials used in mattresses. At present, the mattresses on the market are mainly latex mattresses, all-brown mattresses, spring mattresses, foam mattresses and inflatable mattresses. The effects of various mattresses It is also different. For example, latex mattresses have good elasticity and air permeability, which are very suitable for white-collar workers and other people with high work pressure; mountain palm mattresses are suitable for teenagers and elderly people, so you must not blindly choose mattresses. To understand your needs, buy a mattress that suits you. The content of 'Tell you three points to judge whether the mattress is good or bad' is carefully prepared by our editor for everyone. Remember what was said in the previous article? These may all be incomplete, and we will explain them one by one in future articles.
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