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The purchase of upholstered furniture should pay attention to these five points! Fit is key!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-21
Upholstered furniture is already a popular product for us. Because of its high comfort, it is widely loved by everyone. So for us, when we buy it, how can we find the product that satisfies us? Today, we will use five steps to teach everyone to achieve this goal. Let’s take a look.   Brief introduction:    Nowadays, mattresses have been widely used. The quality of the mattresses mainly depends on the distribution of springs, the flatness of the lining, and the compressive strength. When choosing a mattress, you can lay it flat during the interview. Straighten up, find the three different bends between the neck, waist, thighs and hips to see if there are gaps, then turn them to the side, and try the same on the concave part of the body and the bed. Is there a gap between the pads, mainly the following points?    1. Use your nose to see if the mattress has a peculiar smell or an unpleasant smell.  2. You can judge with your naked eyes whether the mattress you like is the correct size or the beautiful mattress.  3. If you have any questions, such as the surface material of the soft bed mattress, price, maintenance or precautions for use, please contact our shopping guide. 4. Put your body on the mat, first put your back on your back, stick your back and back on the mattress so that the mattress is fully supported, and then put it on your side to Make it fit your body curve. In addition, please pay attention to whether there is noise inside the mattress when lying down or turning over, and whether there is friction noise in the cushion or internal filling.   5. Tap the mattress with your hands to feel soft and firm, press with your hands to feel the elasticity, and keep touching the surface material with your hands to feel. Test the corners by gently pressing the four corners of the mattress with your hands. It has no elasticity and cannot hear a good sound by pressing. The rated spring has good elasticity and uniform spring sound. The rusty low-quality spring made a sound.   The above content is about the purchase precautions of soft furniture. I believe that after these five points, everyone will be helpful to purchase soft furniture in the future. But I still want to remind everyone that although soft furniture is comfortable, it also has its shortcomings. For people with poor cervical spine, they still need to pay attention to the softness. I hope it will help everyone.
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