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The production process of mattress wholesalers

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-06
Everyone has to sleep, and most of the time they sleep, so a good sleeping environment is very important to us, we must choose the Ellis mattress. A good Alice mattress can make our sleep better, so do you know that Alice mattress is helpful for our sleep? The function of the    mattress is to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. There are two criteria for a good mattress in Alice: First, the spine is flat regardless of the sleeping position of a person. Second, the pressure is equal, one can lie on it and relax the whole body with a cup of tea. Ellis is related to the softness and hardness of the mattress. The hardness of the Alice mattress depends on the hardness of the inner spring. In addition to the hardness required for the supporting function, the Ellis spring also needs excellent resilience, the so-called combination of rigidity and flexibility. Ellis is too hard or too soft and does not rebound well. A person with a too hard mattress on Alice is only under pressure on the four points of the head, back, waist, and heels. The other parts of the body are not fully implemented. Alice's spine is actually in a state of tension, not only does not get a good rest effect, but the longer time to sleep on such a mattress is also harmful to health. Since many people did not pay special attention to this matter in the first place, some people think that a cup of tea is soft, and some people think that it is cheap. This is not the positioning of the Ellis mattress, we choose the very good Ellis Mattresses must be cost-effective according to our actual needs. First of all, a technology is not to manufacture springs, not to manufacture strike South African rand cotton, but to supply and supply inspection. This is the first step of production and is a more stringent inspection technology. The reasonableness of Alice's product materials is directly related to the production and quality of mattress products. The second process of Ellis is through the process of cotton and spring, which is two separate processes in the cloud simultaneously. The Alice Strike South African rand cotton is to drive the cotton cloth used in the mattress dough on the dough. The expression is in the form of a spring for the upper and lower layers of the mattress. This is a coil spring connected together, which is a kind of connecting spring. The technology of the mattress, the independent bag and independent tube spring are conditioned by a coil spring. The third process of entering the independent non-woven bag is to turn off the bed and the bed net. The Ellis cutting bed is a bed net that cuts the cotton dough into a mattress-sized bed net. The spring net formed by the spring, the rock music spring net or the independent pocket spring net is fixed with frame iron elements to form the bed net. . Ellis' fourth process is thorough. Ellis's foundation is to spread cotton felt and other shock-absorbing cushions on the bed net, and then place the dough that you want to put on the cotton. Ellis surrounded the edge in the fifth process. Alice's so-called edging is to sew the upper and lower layers laid in the previous process with edging tapes to make a mattress. Alice finished product inspection, packaging, and mattress technology as a whole. All production in the right way can ensure qualified products, and for the black-hearted Alice mattress wholesale manufacturer, some bad materials will also be produced, which will affect the health and longevity of direct use, so the choice of mattress is A responsible wholesale manufacturer of Ellis mattresses like us.
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