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The plastic film that the mattress manufacturer puts on the mattress may be the killer of excessive formaldehyde

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-11
Should we tear off the plastic film attached to the mattress by the mattress manufacturer? As we all know, the current formaldehyde harm is very serious, formaldehyde poisoning, causing various diseases and leukemia. After the renovation is over, people usually stay in the air for a period of time. Why is it so careful that the formaldehyde still exceeds the standard at home? In fact, formaldehyde not only exists in decoration materials, but also in furniture. When everyone is building a new house, although they have to buy new mattresses, because of the tight economy, some people will use the mattresses given by the merchants. However, this kind of mattress must be of poor quality. The material used contains a large amount of formaldehyde, and a large amount of glue is also used. In addition, in order to protect the mattress from being contaminated during transportation, the industry has overlapped a protective film on the outside. However, after arriving home, some people were reluctant to tear the mattress because they were afraid of soiling the mattress. However, this is very detrimental to the formaldehyde emission of the mattress itself, because with this kind of barrier, even if it is ventilated for a period of time, it is difficult for the formaldehyde to disperse. However, when a person sleeps in a bed, the temperature of the bed rises and the volatilization of formaldehyde accelerates. It is known that a lot of formaldehyde is also added to the plastic film. Therefore, under the double impact, the content of formaldehyde in the bedroom exceeds the standard, which affects the health of the family. Therefore, after buying a new mattress, it is better to peel off the plastic film on it to sleep. Some people may have the habit of saving and feel that it is a pity to do so, as long as they are not torn up for a few years, they will be the same as new ones. Not only does the formaldehyde easily exceed the standard value without tearing it off, it is also not easy when laying sheets, and the plastic film is too smooth, which will also affect the quality of sleep. In addition, it will mold when wet. Because it is not ventilated, the bed is prone to moisture, which will shorten the life of the mattress. Therefore, the plastic film attached to the mattress by the mattress manufacturer should be removed.
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