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The mattress manufacturer tells you what is the principle of a plumbing mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-09-17
The Spring Festival holiday has ended, and the migrant workers have returned to work one after another, starting the struggle of the Year of the Ox, and good sleep can make the struggle of the migrant workers more efficient. According to the latest sleep duration research recommendations published by the National Sleep Foundation, young people aged 18-25 and adults aged 26-64 need 7-9 hours of adequate sleep a day to maintain good working conditions. The weather in winter is very cold, and the temperature occasionally drops in spring (the weather forecast shows that the temperature in some areas will drop by more than 10°C tomorrow and the day after tomorrow). A suitable sleep temperature can bring you a deep sleep. In recent years, emerging heating products such as plumbing mattresses have been favored by more and more people. According to Suning Tesco's sales data on December 12, 2020, plumbing mattresses have increased by 30 times compared with the same period last year, which shows their popularity. We see that the current prices of products sold by e-commerce are roughly in the range of 100 to 4,000 yuan, so it can meet the needs of different consumers. The water heating cycle performance is strong, bringing a warm and comfortable sleeping environment. The water heating mattress is very convenient to use. You only need to spread it on an ordinary mattress and add water and power to use it. At present, most plumbing mattresses are heated by a water heating cycle. The small heating bin has a built-in PTC heater, which can quickly heat the water stored in the bin, and then use a water pump to push the hot water to the entire mattress area. PTC materials have many advantages such as low thermal resistance, high heat exchange efficiency, and strong safety. They are widely used in air-conditioning electric auxiliary heating, air heating bath heaters, electric heating radiator heaters, etc. I believe everyone has a deep understanding of its powerful heating performance. Thanks to this, current e-commerce products sold in various specifications such as 10℃-65℃, 20℃-45℃, 25℃-60℃, etc. According to the 'Sleep-related Home Environment StandardsIn the case of the human body, the comfortable bedding temperature is 27℃-32℃, and the heat emitted by the plumbing pipe is relatively mild, so it can easily create a comfortable sleeping environment. You may have noticed that many plumbing mattresses can achieve a temperature of up to 60°C or even 65°C. In fact, this temperature is not the sleeping temperature. Common mites in life will be killed above 55°C, and regular high-temperature mode can effectively remove mites from bedding and mattresses. In addition, in rainy and rainy weather, the quilt often returns to moisture. The plumbing mattress can 'guest' the noise dryer, easily and efficiently eliminate the moisture in the quilt, and the dried clothes can be further dehumidified, which is a very intimate and practical function. There are also users who worry that the pump will make loud noises and affect sleep. It is generally believed that 30dB-40dB is an ideal quiet sleeping environment. Most of the water heating mattress pumps adopt a suspended structure, which can control noise well. At present, most popular products on e-commerce platforms can achieve a mute effect of about 30dB. , Some can even be controlled at about 20dB, so the plumbing mattress can maintain a pretty good silent environment.
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